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Monday, 7 May 2012

Hi and welcome to Bo Stoned

Well the 5 o clock wakeup call did not fluster them, hit the snooze button and get up at 6, no biggie.
An uneventful journey to Heathrow only punctuated by Stiff Little Fingers and their live album `Hanx`
Awesome LP.
Well T4 was its usual bag of shite, or as my friends at Bookers would say….Shite in a bucket.
But was thoroughly searched ,quizzed and allowed to proceed where fags and coffee was purchased and we actually fucked off on time .Amazing !!!!!!
Flight whizzed by 2 hours of music followed by the walking dead S2 E1, some film in Norwegian with the old subtitles and an aggressive game of chess against the wily old PC, which I won cause I had more pieces left……end of.
Newark has not changed much ,however got thru their customs and sat enjoying a pint of Samuel Adams 45 minutes after landing awaiting the 14-47 departure to Boston.
Now this is where it goes a bit full frontal (tits up to anyone from NE Hampshire), finally took off at 15-30 , and can you believe it sat on the plane for an hour watching the cup final, I think it was in and JT is still a fucking cunt.
So little bro at 6`1” has now awoken so will put blog away and converse…….like being back at bookers this….forced smile and be nice to people…AAAAAAAAAAAAarghhhhhhhhh.
Want to know why we waited 45mins to take off….drum roll plz… we could land on time…I shit you not 40 fucking minute flight , straight onto train and then walked to hostel, found it real easy due to my psychic map reading and a lot of luck, quick shower and off to Chandlers inn, the only stereotyping missing was an Indian, builder, cop, cowboy and a biker performing YMCA…it was that gay a bar , but Sam Adams went down a treat which is not surprising considering where we were.
Sharply headed off to Mcgreeveys bar owned by Ken Casey of the dropkick murphys not the author, and that was great, Guinness at $5 and a Rubens sandwich for 10. Got very wankered and could not resist a nightcap at Chandlers, just had to be done.LOL.
Well I awoke feeling rougher than Frasers rectum after a night out with the boys, that was until James arose, it was like the walking dead again…..bless him. Took in the free breakfast and developed a plan of action, map studied and route decided on off we set 45mins later am sat outside Fenway Park in a bar(in case you were wondering) watching Man U v Swansea, O dear Alex where did it all go wrong?????
Scalped a couple of baseball tickets for $20 apiece and off we set….up them stairs guys, well we climbed and climbed said hello to Jack, and climbed, bumped into the giant and climbed, eventually ending up on the roof top terrace, which is an accurate description, found a chair and  was ready to play ball. Got swiftly kicked out of said chair…….thems standing tickets boys…meet the wife and sister….which one is she…wot you mean boy ???????? Any way I digress, game starts bish bosh bish 1st batter out, in comes the next guy for Baltimore, whack….fetch… that’s a home run the ball is smelted to fuck knows where, an ominous start.
Into the 3rd innings 1-0 Baltimore up comes the same guy for his 2nd go……don`t even bother looking  that ball is in Maine somewhere , in cricket terminology he really middled that one…..out the stadium and gone half way down Lansdowne Street.
At 5-0, bottom of the 5th, getting ready to exit the red sox managed to pack all the bases which don`t sound like much, but had not got past 1st base up till then. Up comes Middlebrook, Grand Slam opportunity, and swiftly puts the ball even further down Lansdowne st. Game on, half way and its 5-5, shame the game reverted back to type and in the 8th innings we left…. The game went into overtime, 17 innings, 6 hours and 8 minutes, thank fuck we left, 6 fucking hours   that would of finished James off.( Lobster boy is well and truly back).
Back to hostel shower et al, and all ready for the trailer park boys.
What a show, fucking brilliant, those that have not watched the programme, really are missing out. Julian, Ricky and Bubbles with special guests Corey, Trevor and the Green Bastard from parts unknown, last but not least Mr Conky……Patrick Swayze….. won`t eulogise too much suffice to say it was Deee Cent. No Conky t shirts tho….gutted.
A couple of beers on the way home and an earlyish night, will leave it there as getting ready to hit the Samuel Adams brewery.

All the best.
Me and Him

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