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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Those that can do. The rest can fuck off.

2a.m in the morning and a spa built for two.Enough said.

And now the end is near and so I face my final curtain.
Yes folks am sitting in Brisbanes departure lounge waiting for Michelle to turn up to say goodbye.
It will not be pretty as things have moved on and Saturday morning we got engaged. This will not make my life easier I know , but when you know ,you know ,right !!!!.
The last two weeks have been spent enjoying the weather , spending time with M and catching up with all things English with Phil, from watching England magnificently despatch S.Africa ,to ballsing it up against Bangladesh. From the shots blowing a two goal lead to winning back to back games for the first time since I don’t know when. With a bit of fishing and sun bathing throw in.
So what have I discovered on this journey of a lifetime, well that it’s a small world and no matter were you go you will know someone who knows someone that once shagged your mates daughter. Also that people are generally so friendly once they drop there barriers from Jezza and Mat in LA to Dave from Phuket ,Steve from Koh Tao, lets be honest how many people do you meet that just give you cocaine, not try to sell it just give you it, there must be a saying somewhere that goes along the lines of when a man has everything his soul needs what does he need the rest for, if there isn’t one there should be .
So am now trying to work out what the fuck do I do now, cause honestly I haven’t a fooking clue.
Anyway highlites of the last few months, for any one who saw the twin towers ,seeing the mess that’s still there now, American Idiot broadway show really fucking well done.Dancing my little legs off at Frank’s Washington gig. Arguing the toss with train staff because in the words of J.Cleese ‘ is this the place to come for an argument….yes it is ….no it isn’t…ur just contradicting everything I’m saying….no I’m not’
From the beauty and size of Jacksonville, to catching up with old and new friends in Sarasota, driving an automatic on the wrong side of the road. To drinking for two weeks in what looked the roughest bar in Florida ala trainspotting, only to be told by numerous taxi drivers its one of the best and the safest……who the fuck would mess with a bar full of Harley Davison riders.
From being tormented to death by the woman in 20 F and not being able to stick $20 on the eagles to beat the redskins.
My first time ever in a strip joint and having parts of me put in parts of someone else without my permission, a willing victim I agree, I was suffering from Stockholm syndrome. You try to prove otherwise!!!!
Catching up with an old school friend who`s living the dream in LA.
From actually being on a plane with not enough fuel to make it’s destination ,fucking Qantas I swear never a fucking again , you suck so bad you make the redskins look like world beaters. This brought in an additional stop to refuel in Brisbane which I suppose is ironic as I would make a good taxi driver there as I know it better than most of the drivers who can’t even use the sat nav they have got, surely you don’t get a visa to be a taxi driver ????.
Sydney harbour bridge should go down as a worlds wonder if not already, Sydneys Kings Cross is about as seedy as Ash Hill estate well overrated.
Now where do I begin with Brisbane, from being at the 1st test on the 1st day of the Ashes will long live in the memory ,the fickleness of the typical aussie ( and they call us whingers, fuck me tossers reel ur fucking neck in).
Oh and now there’s Michelle, and into each life a little rain must fall, as the song goes .Well it’s bloody pissed down at times literally,and others were gloriously stupendous, but more about that later.
Off to Thailand and what a lovely bunch of people they are especially away from your Phukets etc, Guys, those that know Neil for fucks sake get in touch and get to see life from a locals point of view, it’s all mega chilled and so easy to see how people stay there years, fed and watered and pissed and if you put a bit of effort into it laid as well for a £10 come on guys why are you wasting ur time on Europe.
On to organising my own little adventure back to Brisbane to see the lovely Michelle which had it’s high and lows and highs again, it rained which is true to form, but the sun shone at times I even managed to get burnt, seeing the joy on Phils face when I introduced him to live streaming, imagining the horror on Lily’s when she found out.
Watching live sky sports at 4 in the morning is a surreal thing even worse it was the Mancs v Crawley.
Some how getting well into aussie racing, and just praying they send Black Caviar over to Royal Ascot, she will sort out my money worries .
Booking a flight home on my own, is not going to happen again I promise.
Actually catching a fish was awesome , getting to eat it was better.
Being all dominant and demanding someones attendance at the airport to wanting to say sorry mate don’t want this flight after all, crying at texts and back to feeling a complete bastard.
Then landing at Heathrow and seeing your mates again, a pint of real ale and dreams of the Wreck on Saturday.
Now the hard bit, as this is not the end merely a stepping stone onto the next phase of my journey, will really have to be on top form to get this one sorted.
So it’s goodnight from me.
To be continued…………
All the best

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