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Monday, 28 February 2011

What Ben Elton really wishes he had the balls to say , but just won’t.

Thinking of you Rubes

Well have to say the Aussies are very wifi unfriendly ,it is almost impossible to get it free, even Mcyds have removed all their power points to ensure you don’t stay too long even the library is protected and you need to use your details to get on.
Jesus even in the capital of capitalism wifi was free everywhere , never had to pay at all in the states, not sure what UK is like ,will find out soon enough.
So the mornings bets are on and I have found Golden Virginia tobacco and menthol filters so it is all good, am staying out of town near Garden City which is just a huge shopping centre , bigger than Aldershot ficking huge it is , called Westfield I think like that one in Shepherds’ Bush.
Saw someone get a ticket last night for jaywalking would of laughed but not home yet and I must be odds on to get one myself the lights are so slow here it’s as if Ken Livingstone has been playing with them.
So hit the Guinness last night in a plastic paddy pub , a bit on the warm side but was very smooth and drinkable as I watched the Irish go down to Bangladesh, 4 an over guys think about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why go for big shots, tip and run will do.
Not sure what the coverage of the NZ earthquake is like there, but here it is still front page and some of the stories are fucking heartbreaking , so much worse than the flooding as they knew that was coming. Was almost in tears yesterday reading about a brother and sister trapped in a hotel, yep a hard nosed bastard like me. Have you guys seen that hotel leaning like an Italian builders dream, fuck when that goes down its going to take another load of buildings with it, then there’s the classroom of Japanese kids who the NZ plod have given up as dead, so the nips have there own guys working on it. Really is heartbreaking to watch this unravel.
I suppose the news back home is the north African states deciding they don’t want to be ruled by an American backed dictator any more and will sell there oil to whoever they want. Cameron and co must be trying to work out a spin that don’t make them look like the hypocritical cunts they are……yeah get rid of Gaddafi he‘s a cruel tyrant….no that guy in Bahrain who’s dictated that country for 40 years he’s OK, he lets us park our navy there so that we can threaten Iran, who we of course, would like to see deposed and replaced by a western puppet who will plunder his nations riches buying US arms and propping up the biggest industrial force in the US economy.
It’s very similar to the Aussie immigration policy, it seems that providing you reach these shores you will be let in, eventually. But there is an underlying opinion that there are good immigrants and bad immigrants.
Nips/ zipper heads are considered good , hard workers and contribute and blend in with society, and then there’s the ragheads- Afghans, Iranians generally anyone from the middle east.
They tend to stick with there own do not mix, want there own religion and as we all know the old Islam is not the most tolerant of religions is it. It’s just a pity that no fucker here has the balls to say it, and when they do come close to it they are forced to apologise and cow down although they have only stated what 60% of true Australians are thinking.
Personally have never understood why countries let these people who claim asylum from their country, who have passed countless other places, to get to here in the first place you know if Afghanistan/Iran is that bad why not go to the nearest other country, not fucking travel in a fucking row boat for 6 bloody weeks to get to Australia, that is not what a genuine asylum seeker would do ,it’s what a economic migration seeker would do. And another thing that kills me is this boat load that crashed on Xmas Island WA, the kids whose parents croaked en route are staying with fucking relatives ??????? No real issues with that , makes perfect sense, but these relatives no doubt came over as asylum seekers themselves, gained the right to stay here and you really expect me to believe that they had nothing to do with there family also fleeing their homeland and coming to Oz ?????????? Come on, if these fuckers are so harshly treated back home where the fuck did they get $35,000 to pay the people smugglers to get them out of where ever. especially when all they need to do is pay $500 ,get a flight to Oz and claim asylum on landing, seriously you guys are being taken for cunts, I should know ,the same shit has, and still is happening back home and there’s nothing our lily livered bleeding fucking heart government will do about it. It breaks my fucking heart to now see the fucking Africans here, the majority of these people will bleed your country dry as they are doing in England now, I really hope you have some long term plans to get rid of these thieves or at least keep an eye on them.
Anyways I just can’t wait until Mayday lets have 50,000 people take to the streets demanding a curb to the capitalist excess’s of the banks etc , watch the police react with baton charges , kettling tactics, which we must prepare for, horseback charges and tear gassing by riot cops.
Will the US and UN demand sanctions against the UK or will it just turn a blind eye like it did in Tiannerman Square and does to Isreal on a weekly basis. It is the sovereign right of all governments to protect its democracy any way it feels fit yada yada yada. Unless of course we don’t like you or you don’t do what we want you to do then we will demand sanctions and freeze the bank accounts of your nation, has anyone asked why US banks are looking after Gaddafi’s money what a bunch of fucking hypocrites.
Oh and I have chilled out over the weekend and watched a bit of TV and saw ‘Girl who kicked hornets nest’ its OK ,but looking forward to the Hollywood version. Hollywood ??????? See the Oscars are as bollixed as usual.
Anyway back at the Minto in Brisbane’s South Bank, flight home booked for the 14th and back on the 15th so have two weeks to get a tan.
Have run out of photo’s so use your imagination.
All the best.

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