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Thursday, 24 February 2011

So I just have to talk about the dogs, track is inside a trotting track, therefore 100yards from the stand, unlike back home when right in front of you, about 100 people there at most and only one stand like the yanks but this stand was not a touch on the ones in the good olde US of A. Got there for race 2 ,so having studied the form which there isn’t any decided trap 2 was the winner and the placings filled by 3-7 so armed with my $10 did a combo trifecta, first 3 any order 2-3-7. Over here they get the dogs upto the fence and send the hare round so the dogs get a look at it, T2 went mental so I had $10 on a win as well and fuck me 20 yards from line its 2-7-3 fan fucking tastic thinks I then T2 decides to let T7 catch up with it and take a lump out of it,loses momentum and T3 comes on the outside and wins, was not happy, still I had the Trifecta and that paid me $120. Pissed about with a few forecasts and actually picked a couple more winners including a 10/1 shot, part time ninja what a cool name and all I had was $3 on it.
Anyway soon had enough when my nap of the meeting was backed from 5/4 into ½ and was soundly beaten so hit the valley for a few beers and waddled off home, so am now in town leeching wifi where ever I can find it.
Well having lent out my ipod charger only for it to break,I refuse to pay $40 for a new one so have plugged it into the PC and hope it charges without wiping my music, if that happens at least will have plenty to do when I go back. Got an email today telling me that another of my ex work mates has come over, Jesus will know more people here than back home at this rate.
So M came round on Friday for an al fresco meal of steak and salad and talked her into doing the footy Brisbane v Gold Coast Phil had sorted out tickets so after an afternoon of unsuccessful gambling met up and off we went well the £30 I had on Brisbane was never really in doubt 2-0 at half time and coasted (get it) to an easy victory, we left at the hour mark to meet up in the Valley with Phil and Lily and spent a very pleasant evening getting drunk at the Tempo cause some bars have a `no shorts` rule especially it seems when they are busy…..cock sucking wankers.
So did not get to see rooneys goal but from what I heard just like Brisbane’s 2nd but another well invested £20 , just a fucking shame I also doubled them up with the mighty Shots, seems we are going back to the days of KD already, pray it was a blip and won’t happen again.
And then it seems M locked herself out I was passed out and had to wake up the owners at 3am ish to let her in, still woke up to a lovely message scrawled on my chest informing me of said crime, so have a bit of making up to do.
Today is Sunday and on Koh Tao that mean’s a roast here am more inclined to think curry, just not sure which yet, but will hit the shop for inspiration, wine and a paper.
Curry was good and spent the evening exchanging texts and watching TV.
Well Monday is here and its Valentines day, and not sure if M is about or not ,so will wait and see as the texts last night just got weirder and then surreal. So spent the evening with M discussing shit and then more shit and still no wiser ,still a nice evening and pleasant company and almost an early night.
Now it is Wednesday, what happened to Tuesday ? You may well ask, not a bloody lot, quite forgettable, spent a night watching TV awaiting texts which were few and far between , but a reason was given.
M is off to Adelaide till Monday at the earliest so am looking for other accommodation as this place is now far to like home so need to get away
from here, have enquired into the Minto which is nice enough but a bit out of town. Well no room at the inn as Joesethus would say.
Had two days of rain now and it seems the authorities have had a change of heart as they have released the dam water, so does that mean I am a soothsayer or just have a bit of savvy…..who knows !!!!
Anyway , hopefully there is a room here for another 10 days then look at becoming homeward bound.
Well that was a week ago and what have I done ? Not a damn lot , M’s been away with work for a few days so was left to my own devices so the valley was hit on Friday night and was mega fun , also do not call a kiwi an aussie it seems to send them in a hulk like rage, pity cause it made me laugh. The weekend was spent with Phil and Lily watching sky sports and the live footy, think Phils life will never be the same now he knows how to stream live footy off the net.God bless Sunday spent fishing and yet again Rex Hunt I am not but did get to see a large muddy.
So have until Friday here, the Minto from Monday for 7 days which puts me here till the 7th March, just need to find something for this weekend, sauna pool and steam room seem very appealing at the moment, so a weekend living it up, chill at minto were the wifi is really free and book a flight home looks to be the order of things.
Not a lot more to add other than last nights flash floods and an afternoon of thunderstorms that lasted well into the night.
Well Tuesday flew by so fast I don’t actually remember anything other than betting on a horse called Captain Darling which lost.
Wednesday brought more rain , but also a rather large dose of sunshine which made the day more bearable, also the hostel now has free wifi…..yeeehaaaa.
So Thursday is here and shit it’s been a rough few months for this part of the world floods, cyclones, earthquakes and fucking incompetent politicians.
So have been assured am in for a night of sin as am going out of town tomorrow as the hotel is a bit rural `handy for the Gabba` it said , well yeah if you have fucking wings!!!!!!!
Typical , I move out of town and the races are on with 3 x group 1 races, finding a bus to where I need to go took most of the morning, who the fuck puts a bus station in a fucking shopping centre ????????
So that’s all for now ….except how shit were England the other night.
No one in particular.
All the best.

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