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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mum you are not going to like this one.

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Well all has been updated ,banking done and now need to be prudent with the pennies, however, if you are sensible you can get by on A$40 a day it means staying in ,but can have a good Friday night out to make up for it.
Just know the credit card bill will be huge this month and am determined to not use it after it arrives ,well over a A$1000 already ,nearer A$1500 if truth be known.
Got a feeling pissed off M last night as she keeps hinting at this new side of me she has seen ,so will get the fishing trip sorted and look to heading out maybe Perth or Melbourne, will see what accommodation is working out at and where I can fly home from easiest. Will see if anything on worth seeing maybe even Tasmania.
Had a quiet couple of days, but at least my gambling is starting to bear fruit a few winners and put some on the dogs tonight. last night met up with M and watched the end of the cricket, another winning bet but how can you not defend 333,they need to stop bowling short for a start and be more clinical in field settings allowing a team easy singles keeps them in the game, shut them off and force the batsman to hit runs rather than drop down for a single. Apart from that have not gone out, just a carton of wine and DVD’s .Poor M is snowed under at work and doing 12/14 hour days and the BF has discovered his nice side and suppose that has to be hard for her, so many mixed signals not a clue what’s happening so just going with the flow and chilling out with it all.
Have talked about a weekend in Sydney 19/20th of Feb , which I think will be a good time to depart for home, so will get online and start looking at flights ,may spend a couple of extra days there to see if I can catch up with Jezza for an evenings drinking .
I am hoping to catch up with Coxey tonight, Caxton Street was favourite ,but it’s the Chinese new year so maybe Chinatown is in order. Well George was a no show , but got a text this morning explaining all, even a hint of returning to BLCC next season which would be a good thing for us.
Got a late night call from M ,not really saying much ,but then got another saying she was outside my front door. So have invited her round for a meal tonight which is on the stove and then no doubt we will end up in the valley somewhere, which will get messy. Actually had a night in with our newest bestest friends Vicky + Adam from Essex not that we needed telling.
Phil has sorted the fishing and BBQ out so many thanks for that should be a good day as the weather is fantastic. Had a lovely lazy day today but will get more active next week ,once I have sorted out more accommodation this place is cheap and clean so will rebook here once I see someone to arrange said matter. Well weekend was a rather quiet affair ,Saturday stayed in and watched 20/20 final. Sunday popped up to Caboolture and a days fishing in and around Bribie Island did not catch a thing but was a good day got a tan / burnt and had a BBQ later and worked our way thru 24 bottles of beer. Woke up in time for the superbowl not a classic, but thrown away by Pittsburg,to many unforced errors and hats off to GB for being so clinical.
So am now back in hotel and bored , the highlight tonight will be cooking a chilli and watching the crappy TV, there again can’t be as bad as England’s batting last night.
The sun burn is now beginning to be a pain but at least got an excuse not to shave. Well I have to say the chilli was awesome, got to share it with Eugene the token German who actually believed in sharing stuff , like he shares my rice pan my chilli my washing up, where the fuck was he when Poland was on the agenda, Poland just another example of a country we went to war to defend ,6 years and 10,000,000 dead later we get rid of Hitler and give them Lenin/Stalin ,they must be so grateful. I wonder who Iraq will end up with, personally I think Azaruddin the Iranian guy will be 1st in line, but hey ho as long as the yanks keep there pipeline to an abundant stock of oil ….who the fuck cares right !!!!!!!!!!
So welcome to Tuesday a stroll around town, and an afternoon planning and preparing dinner, yep you guessed it , M was coming round. So burgers and salad was dutifully prepared, tasted good as well. Had set up a Chinese laundry in room due to weather , but at least had some dry clothes to wear on Wednesday, where the plan was to hit the dogs , but felt so knackered will do that Thursday evening instead, might actually be someone else there as well.
Will start planning stuff soon ,will book this up for 7 more days,17th, and then see what’s about.
So Wednesday was spent looking forward to The Magnificent 7 on TV only to discover come start time that we don’t have that channel, which really ruined the evening so got drunk watching a combination of Lost,V and anything else I could find. Have awoken up late and now just killing time before getting train to dog track and observing my first ever Aussie dog meet. Have arranged a nights footy on Saturday, Brisbane v Gold coast….local derby and then hit the Valley for the Manc derby, how cool will that be.
Have to say that having observed the political parties at work here have no doubt that these MP’s getting sent to jail in the uk will come here upon release as between the two of them here ,pretty useless the opposition’s guy is just an idiot who can’t seem to have an idea of his own, the PM is openly atheist unmarried and more than likely owns loads of comfortable shoes, not that either of these facts bother me in the slightest ,in fact I would vote for her, but can you imagine a gay atheist running the UK, shit man that would be so cool, do you think we could go round and burn down churches, synagogues and mosques, maybe all them religious fuck ups would fuck off back to the to the hypocritical whores that spawned them and ruin there own countries.
While being topical my one man mission to convert the Aussie to being more like us by bringing in the rain etc, I now just need to convince these twats that it was the global warming that caused it ,not me, but the Chinese burning all the coal that this lot sends them, so no coal to China , economy suffers Queensland Rail ( which has just announced 33% of staff to go over the next 6 months , this is just 3 months after being privatised ????? Sound familiar ???) goes tits up bringing down the the Queensland government at the same time, the inquiry into why the dam was not lowered of capacity before the floods came therefore avoiding the fact that when they did empty it to avoid it bursting ,they would not of added to the flood water, are you guys aware that they knew for about 7 days that the flood was coming but they still did nothing to allow the dam ( which was full to bursting at the time) to empty ,allowing it to take the flood water), this will no doubt expose the profiteering by the water companies here that also donate thousands to the political parties and will, without question donate again, to arrange a clean bill of health for its actions during the flood and then not have to accept any responsibility for the damage the flooding caused, which has to be seen to be believed.
This brings me nicely to the biggest bastards of all time, no not people in advertising, these cunts are worse…..INSURANCE what a fucling parasitic occupation this is, are you aware according to these wankers there are 4 types of flooding, so these cunts are working out which kind is cheapest for them, hiring there own specialists to decide which type of flooding has occurred, you can see it coming, one will announce riverine flooding as its best for them , another will say flash flooding due to heavy rain fall as that works out cheaper for them, and again these wankers donate so much to the political parties that they will get away with it ,these cunts should be treated like Hitler treated the Jews and fucking exterminated. The worst thing is that even if you have got flood cover you have to of stipulated which type and some companies don’t cover for all four types anyway , they just will reject the claim full stop ,its going to go mental when it all comes out.
And just to clarify my earlier statement about Jews please feel free to add Muslims, Catholics and any other fucking idiot who’s life is so sad and lacking meaning they need to believe in some thing that does not exist, not having a go at Jews in particular, they are just as bad as the ragheads and not a foreskin between them , sorta makes you curious don’t it ???
Two religions at war for thousands of years, yet they both choose to cut off the same piece of skin !!!!!
You can draw your own conclusions , I drew mine years ago ………………fucking hypocrites.

All the best.
Lots of Frank at the mo.
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