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Monday, 31 January 2011

Make what you will of the tattoo...............

Well have recovered from the ordeal the sadists put me thru and have spent a couple of days doing……not a lot.
The joy of being a complete stranger is that every now and again you discover a little goldmine and apart from M,last night offered up a lovely little restaurant where the food was great and the brusetta was exactly that. Will recommend stuffed chicken breast ,however can not remember the name of the place, its down past the tabernacle and on the left of the next crossroads out of town(Hollywood bar and Grill).
So am now in room, thanking anyone who will listen that I did not wake up for the West Ham game this morning it looked suicide material to me, and drinking M’s wine, cheers babe !!!!!!
The sun has been out for 4 days now and its great, have a balcony but no sun ,also now have 3 new polo shirts - Lacoste at £40 a pop …….bargain !!!!!
Got hold of Phil so should be at the Wheelbarrow tomorrow night about 20-30, also move back to the kookaburra tomorrow not ideal but ideally placed. Have the weekend to myself so suntan and alcohol abuse are planned ,England v Convicts on Sunday, not sure if anyone else wants to go yet !!!
So hopefully these next 10 days should determine the length of this sabbatical as will do calculations on these days and get a rough idea of amount needed to survive, have not brought a cigarette since being here and apart from 5/6 of M’s on Monday have not smoked at all !!!!!!!!
Oh My Me how good will that first one taste ??????
Wow can you imagine that …lifelong smoker comes back from Oz as one of those whiney cuntish ex smokers ???????? How fucking surreal would that be` put it out Clinton, think of Theo, do you want him to grow up and be better than you at every sport imaginable ,all because you smoke !!!!!!`.
So am planning a quiet night in, and catch up with the TV, scary actually, as am now looking at my trunks thinking WOW you did two lengths yesterday without coughing up a lung ,surely you can do four today ????????
M went to her folks today and at last sighting was on the beach catching rays, await with baited breath to hear from her tonight.
So get totally confused by texts and apparently I should of insisted she stayed, FFS what am I a fucking mind reader for all I know she couldn’t stand another night of my snoring, crap sex or any of a hundred different things. I give up, seriously how do these people stay married for 20+ years I can’t seem to manage 4 days without it all going tits up.
Anyway have moved back to the Kookaburra and washing being done, will chill for a while and then get some shopping in and prepare to hit the Valley with Phil at 8ish.So have chicken marinating with garlic + chilli and lime juice, washing all dry and am as confused as always.
Have to say Brisbane is lovely when the sun is shining, however rain is forecast tonight !!!!!
Oh and I am smoking again A$32 for a pouch of baccy, but have hopefully picked out all of tomorrows winners.
Well the winners have evaded me yet again,and as for last night all a bit of a blur I’m afraid ,especially after Phils herbal cigarette not sure what on earth was in it but it knocked me sideways,but still a good night and found a couple of lively bars.Also found great mirth in cheering on Andy’ABE’Murray’s opponent ,cause he is a cock and even looks like one with that haircut.
Will try to arrange a meet tonight and clear the air once and for all. Ironically found a horse running later today called Kill ian rather apt don’t you think so had 10 bucks on it.Tickets for the game tomorrow are $45 at the cheapest level not sure how that works as the ground is just a bowl ??? So depending on M whether I go or not, for some strange reason have a decidedly ‘Darlington’ feeling surrounding me , that was also a strange night out and Bob pulled there as well.Strange the things you think of……wonder if that was my moment of clarity and the world will all make sense now,yep I’m a dreamer !!!!!!
Oh what to do when you have nothing to do a conundrum in it’s self.Will go and get a bottle if no joy with tonight and drown my self in the cheapist and nastiest wine I can find and contemplate a trip back to the rock perhaps at least life was simple there, Clinton moves out on the 3/3/2011 and my flight is booked for the 23/3/2011 just another useless titbit of shite information for you.
This café is just rammed with Chinese/Korean students its no secret that they will take over the industrial world,they are already half way there, did hear they own 1/3 of all euros and most of Africa is being propped up by them to ensure they have access to minerals etc,and still we allow all our money grabbing industrial powers to move production there making 1000s unemployed here and providing employment there ,all be it slave labour.then once well and truly established they will find themselves being held to ransom by the Chinese,new taxes,shipping costs you name it .Its so fucking short sighted and money orientated ,it beggars belief how we have just sat back and let this happen.
Then again the gook opposite me has a great pair of tits and a cleavage that is just begging for baby oil and my dick to be rubbed along it in a thrusting fashion.
Twelve gooks and me in a starbucks is this the start of a revolution !
Must stop these thoughts ran out of porn a long time ago, but they are seriously a great pair !!!!!!!
So having successfully lost my money on the nags am contemplating another sunbathing session back at the hostel, at least they remembered me and gave me a free beer.
Have half a chicken in the fridge and a bowl of chopped up legs and thighs in a marinade , so will finish that tonight and knock up a curry in 32 degree heat with the breasts that are left with some of that paste I brought back from Thailand the customs were so interested in.
I have to go the sun has gone in and there are now 14 gooks to my one.
Oh and by the way if you ever go to Thailand and want to buy anything that is size orientated try it on first, very very important,goes for condoms as well.
Well the air was well and truly cleared and we are both aware of where the other is coming from, so shared a cab to the Gabba and luckily for me a very nice convict offered me a ticket for A$20,which was great as the cheapest tickets left on sale were for A$70.
The game turned out to bee as drab as expected England have missed the boat and just want to go home, Ashes won, should just leave the also rans here, Christ the world cup starts in 3 weeks.No bloody chance of winning that,India , Sri Lanka or as a dark horse West Indies you may laugh, but you heard it here first.
The convicts turned out in force, the fancy dress was cool their sledging not…..questioning every player about his sexuality is boring and old hat , ordering massala and pompadoms from Shaznad was plain stupid, so despite the CA urgings these idiots are still miles behind the barmy army, if truth be known they don’t get it at all.
Walked back to the pig in 40 minutes and watched the first half of Arsenal v Huddersfield town good game and would of liked to of stayed but tired from lack of sleep and wanted to chill out with wine and DVD this was successfully accomplished and woke up this a.m feeling pucker.
M’s first day back so will leave her alone and try to update this and other stuff when I find some free wifi.
Well in the words of Tex Avery.....`thats all folks`

All music is now a repeat of previous days.

All the best.


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