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Saturday, 15 January 2011

On the day that your mentality,catches up with your biology

Well I have to apologise, I just have nothing to add.Really sorry folks but apart from staying up to watch the mighty irons spank the brummies and win me more money done next to fuck all.Have watched the news from Brissy and wow thats scarey.
Saw the 20/20 game last night on the PC.......except the last over it froze up.
So went down DS and had a meal and apart from the fact that the three dutch birds are back which from what I can gather leaves Toby and Tom somewhat miffed as Toby has two shermans staying in his room and Toms ex conquest has also turned up.And I laughed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its all same old same old
Am going to a steakhouse tonight and could probably clear the whole menu oh and wine as well !!!!
Oh and the joy of 7 balling 'Abdul' again...the joy was insurmountable, that guy is wrong and on so many levels.
Now , just for the fun of it will get dressed and hit town , wot before midday betcha baby.
Well did not make the steakhouse , which is now my goal in life, ended up chilling in DS all night until one of my top 5 films came on.........The Usual Suspects...classic film so got Steve to turn the music off and sat and watched that and went to bed to participate in some half time!!!!!!
Am now in Zest drinking fantastic coffee and contemplating hair cut, ferry tickets and a bar bill !!!!!!!
It seems Brisbane has calmed down a bit and the floods are receding, however, a cyclone is predicted upon my arrival.
Am sure a biblical quote is called for but I can't be arsed maybe Clinton can provide the necessary citation.
So will study the football form and make tomorrows bets and settle down for a weekend of debauchery without the bauch and leave a constant reminder of the second coming in Koh Tao.Monday is D.Day and will get the late ferry to Samui as have so much shit to do, will clean room Sunday and wash bathroom , god, this is anal, but thats what 13 weeks of doing nothing turns you into I will have to come home soon otherwise I might make the total transformation and turn into an Australian.....Oh the shame of it all. In a recent survey 87% said they would rather have a red headed step child in the family than an Austrailian, and that was just in Tazmania.
So we finally hit the steakhouse , WOW , bloody great feed for a fiver proper steak, the superlatives could flow for ever. The taste of fresh steak left me spending the rest of the evening drooling over small children , in a culinary sense of course !!!!!! But it was really good.
So back to the DS and an evening of TV , settled down to Rocknrolla and a half time that blew my mind , but nothing else and poodled back to the cave.
Have awoken today(Saturday) and clockwatched till the p.m. so will get up get down and get outside as Frank would say.
So the question of the day is how do I stay conscious until 00-30 to watch the mighty irons spank the gooners it won`t be easy , and as for the shots being away to Bury for Deano's first game its a tough one but we won there last year, I know for I was there !!!
The sun is blazing now hottest its been since I came here but can't be arsed to go back and change into trunks and go for a swim.
It's just become a series of day counting till back in Oz , although really want to see the ping pong shows at Phuket, apparently they use darts as well can you imagine it " thats the bullseye", OMM will be hilarious !!!

All the best

Ipod back on so very various at the moment.


P.S memo to self .....Do this blog before half time in future !!!!!!!!!

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