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Monday, 10 January 2011

My George Bernard Shaw moment. !!!!!

Well yet again I have amazed my self with my powers of sloth, a few beers down the lotus and then a meal and then DS, although I totally dicked the pool king again, nicely numb and home I went.
Awoke far to early then is good for anyone, said Hi and am now awaiting breakfast,it was not worth the wait ,crap in fact.
Oh and I forgot to tell you that coca leaves taste horrible.......oh why do we do it ???
This is the 2nd consecutive day of damp,stormy weather and if it wasn't for the woeful state of Aussie cricket I could well be miserable so just remember folks that no matter how bad it gets , there is always someone worse off , in this case about 10 million.....oh will this gloating ever stop.... beat us 6-0 in the one dayers and it will be ...yeah well done do you win the ashes for one dayers, think will have to start the reclaim our island paradise movement with Phil, something along the lines of Brigate Rosse.
I know the weathers been a bit shit ,but am hoping that the sandbags lining the street are a precaution. had a power cut this afternoon which brought on an early shower which itself meant I started early ,lovely conversation with the birthday girl herself and ate at the hippo(had 2 great meals here highly recommended).
Hit the Diza bar and watched one of the worlds wonders at work.....Toby. Truly awesome experience Neil and I disagreed about her age Neil early 20's me late teens ,blond hair blue eyes need I go on ? It was like watching a skyscraper go up first the surrounding area was scanned, groundwork done and the next thing he sides up next to her,as we watched in amazement , the mans a machine. Over they come names introduced et al, she actually left but think Toby has further plans for that one.
Hit the DS and a few usual faces , bit of pool and music and its 3am and I am wankered,off to pay the bill so am dreading it. A guy in there actually walked up to me and shook my hand seems I have met another Bill Hicks fan and fuck me this couple are from Hull !!!!!!!!!.
Awoke this morning with that horrible feeling that I drank far too much and really hope I am not going to soil myself in some way, but hey ho little bit of half time by the bed so not all bad.
Neil got his bike up and running so arranged to meet up with friends at the korean BBQ place.Alas little kitty gave out half way there right outside Phoenix divers place where lots of peeps live so left bike there and got lift to food place, again all good rang Steve and he came and picked us up 3 of us on a moped, common sense has no place here.
Sat and watched the football and Dillon is a king sized cock and has to now surely God he has to go.
At least £20 @2/1 helped me cope with the pain cheers Oxford !!!!!!!!!!
That was that did not even play pool just footy and bed. Woke up far to early to a barrage of texts explaining to me last nights adventures in Brisbane, certainly more exciting than watching a PC screen to see how the mighty shots are doing. So am fed and watered and tempted to get into the sun.
As its Sunday am anticipating a roast dinner and watch the game then an early night , but we will see !!!!
Well Sunday really went up in a huge explosion followed by lots of aftershocks , it seems I am now total public knowledge in Brisbane , where exactly that will leave me in two weeks I have no idea , will just have to watch me back , but , hey ho not exactly a new thing for the mighty AVQF`s 2nd I.C.
So the roast was ,once again the fucking Aussie was late, so missed the goal , sorry dive , or some would say cheating.
Spent most of the night on the phone anyway so not an issue with quietly drunk and went home and now is where it got amusing, noticed opposite me on other side of road a rather pencil shaped blond but due to no street lighting she kept disappearing from view , thought nothing of it until got to end of road, where I turn off for my abode.Now guess who was lying in the gutter oblivious to her predicament, yep scratch one drunken aussie bird, the conversation went something like this:----
Me - excuse me love but are you OK ?
Her - No I'm a bit lost ,where am I ? ( At this point I am helping her out of the gully).
Me - Sairee beach , where are you going to ?
Her - Don't know I'm lost and have forgotten where I am staying !!!
Me - Can you remember anything about it, bars shops etc ?
Her - No.
Me - Well look love you can't walk up and down here you will get run over. I will walk you to the beach road and maybe
that will help.
So upon this assist her through Sairee cottage resort and deliver her to the dive shop upon which she exclaims with great joy that she recognises this place and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and off she trouts.Perhaps I should of told her next time to write name of hotel and put it in her handbag which, despite numerous visits into the gutter and a broken strap she still had hold of it. !!!!
She looked 19 and was a medical student from Brisbane....can you believe it??????
So went home had a smoke and crashed out.
All the best.

Husker Du at the mo.


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