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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A new chapter as I head west only to return east

My new abode, which I have now left Mmmmmmmmmmmmm hot water.

Well that was an interesting night, another meal that pretty much blew my head off, the DS being really busy and falling off Toby's bike which has now left me an iconic graze all down one leg....not pretty.
Where to begin?????? the chicken wings were lovely the skoolies disco was not, watched the footy drank Chang then see arsenal destroy west ham.
The lives and loves of the potato people that live here absolutley crack me up, the shermans in tobys room have now left and have decided to save on accommodation by pulling a different guy every night, wow, thats saving a fiver. I know its not prostitution and that most guys here are doing the same thing ,only for different reasons. Their parents must be so proud... hey girls hows it going ...great dad am now a united nations ambassador ....hey thats so cool what do you do for that .....aah dad I just have to fuck a different boy every night to get a roof over my head.
Oh did I tell you how good that steak was Friday night ????????? Made children seem palatable.
However I digress it was a great laugh last night, the first time I think have actually laughed at stuff that was funny.
Below are some questions you should never ask anyone.
Oh what part of Korea are you from...north or south?
I was told this is the bar to get weed in...can I buy some weed?
How come your sister is so much better in bed than you?
Will you respect me in the morning?
Am so glad your not getting funny over this?
So which bar do you work in?
How good are you at connect 4 ?
Why did someone from sweden stab you?
Were they swedish ?
Has your mum started working as a builder yet ?
So yes a great night was had up until the footy and the unfortunate incident while getting off the bike,whether it was my transferrence of weight that caused it to fall or Toby is a shit/pissed up driver or maybe a bit of both, so now have shitty leg that will no doubt get infected, will hit the chemist here to see if they have any savelon like substance.
Anyway its a Sunday morning/afternoon have spoken to the lovely Michelle, you will all be pleased to know that the flood in Brisbane did not reach her house so although she has no utilities nor does she have to clear 10 tonne of shite out of the house
Anyway as its Sunday ,its roast day and not in the teenagers do half of Chelseas midfield way. And if that Aussie prick is late again will be digging a hole myself, so early meal then a whole evening of boys stuff.Footy,Footy Smoke,Footy. How good is that?????
Will pop to the DS to settle up last nights revelry put some bets on and see how much I lost yesterday...fucking saints at home to N.County, fucking therapy seekers LOOK MUM NO C WORD.
Well ,chilled out all day went for roast,and settled down for a nights footy which I duly accomplised, spent the evening getting comfortabley
Awoke bright and early sorted out packing and was checked out at 10-30, am now drinking coffee and wondering how to kill 3 hours untill its time to go.
So arrived at pier on time only to be told that the ferry is 60mins late due to rough seas and boy they were not wrong, whacked on ipod and tried not to notice the pitching of the boat, upon reaching ko pan yang it had calmed down enough to risk leaving the seat and samui was only 30 mins away.
So destination reached, hotel found, phone charged up, Chang purchased settled in for a nice hot shower and an evening of mediocre TV.
Awoke nice and early went for a wander, seems a quiet area ,however bars such as cats,smile,forty licks gives away what its like at night. The premier league bar is outside hotel so me thinks thats where I will be tonight free wifi as well or so it seems.Arranged free hotel transfer to airport and sorted out hotel for Phuket....the Athome hotel in Patong. So am totally chilled and about to have another shower don't need one, but its hot and such a novelty.
So having disclosed far more than necessary potted out for a meal and afew beers ,well I managed a few beers and will eat in the morning,crap bar but they have video machine which allowed me to while away a couple of hours.
Memo to self .....just because you are in a bar and a pretty young girl comes over and gives you a piece of paper with
GODDESS 0800 722137 does not mean she is a brass....perhaps she works here and as you have your laptop out it just could be the WIFI code she is handing out.
Well woke up showered packed and ate breakfast, look at that one sentence covered the whole morning!!!!!
Am now in the most picturesque airport in existance its lovely open air shops and shit and FREE wifi.
All the best.

Mr Turner is getting an awful lot of airplay at the moment,but hey even M likes him.


all thats left is an arsehole of an ex boyfriend who refuses to leave , so can mix buisness and pleasure while over there, and bring phillips and flathead out to play.It seems I may have to join the queue as this idiot is trying to piss off the world and its dog at the moment and sounds a complete cock, .....will have to ask Phil to dig a hole for me somewhere up north !!!!!!!!

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  1. poxy cut and paste fucking kills me every fuking time fucking therapy seeker