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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Gettingfucked over with a fake smile and a snidey sneer !!!!

Roma Park on Australia day.

Good morning all, had a lovely flight in a twin prop plane over to Phuket,transfered to Patong and checked into my new hotel.
And isn't it next door to a fecking building site so from 8am to 6pm the cunts are drilling into the wall tying in new brickwork , this does not fit well into a Changover lifestyle I may have to get some practice in !!!!!!
The good news is, it is hot and the beach is cool and tarts are everywhere, not that I am looking for one just looking at them.
Have met up with a mate of Neil's who just happens to own a bar which makes life a lot easier as do not have to worry about getting rolled over on the Bangla road, free pool as well and does a bit of grub.Sorted.
Have finally found `the walking dead` on DVD and the room has a player so can catch up on the 5 episodes I missed.
Am also actually missing `the rock` life was so simple there, this place is a different world ,lots of hustle and bustle, locals more aggressive even the `no sex`massage girls get physical and try to grab you.
So the routine kicks in breakfast walk round shops watch a few dvds ,shower shave and something else then hit the `goodsports`bar which Dave part owns, few games of pool and taxi back to hotel.
This morning booked minibus to airport brought a few essentials and had a massage which involves ting ting climbing all over me and jumping/walking all over me so am now totally chilled out and sat in room watching` Spartacus`.
Will hit the town tonight a bit later than normal and spend the night watching the footy.
Well that was shit, open air concert next to daves bar and he had had enough and shut the bar before I got there so watched Aussie v Iraq, Harry Kewell got the winner thought he was retired ,and went back to hotel and got results on PC, go on you shots what a result just need the fans that dullen lost to return and I forsee a push into the play offs.
So am now in reception and awaiting mini bus to airport in 90 mins time,apprehensive and nervous all at the same time, the flight is 9 hours and I land at 06-30 just hope the hotel can sort me out a room early otherwise will crash in their reception and trust me if that happens a room well be found pronto !!!!!
So have now made it into airport only to find an empty terminal, so much for checking in and hitting the duty free.Will just have to sit tight and wait for the check in to open, load of fuking bollocks when you think about it.....plane has lets say 200 pax 5 desks open 40 pax per desk at 3 mins each bearing in mind some families of 4 will be thru quicker then 4 handsome fellows like me who just captivate the desk handlers.Therefore 40 x 3 =120 , 2 hours to check the plane in ,bear with me on this.Now 2 hours to check in and they tell you to check in 120 mins before departure, r u getting this.That means the check in desk should be up and running 4 hours before take off by their guidelines and are they, are they fucking the moral of this story is that Pacific Blue are very likely to be joining my list of cunts along with Delta + Qantas . Bangkok + BA are fine , but PB has a lot to do not to be on that list.A free upgrade will be a start as would copious amounts of alcohol !!!!
Well they can stay off the list for now, any airline whose entertainment system has 2.5 hours of Bill Hicks gets a thumbs up from me , plus the ability to create a playlist from some 500 albums including the floyd,nirvane,JC,Bowie et al can`t be all bad .A distinct lack of alcohol and crappy food brings them back down ,but all in all a pleasant experience.
And now for aussie customs.......cunts.Obviously a single guy coming into Oz from Thailand may raise an eyebrow from the thought police that infest airports under the guise of `border control` you know the type, I do not want you in my country you must have drugs on you. Back in England we call these neandrathals BNP /National Front perhaps aussies should realise that while they were having fun fuking me over many zipperheads got through with Kilo's of coke stoved up their arses, I know that we brought the ashes back and the guys fuking me had never known a home defeat before, but to waste 45 minutes on me taking my luggage apart when surely the fact that a sniffer dog had been thru it and me twice told them that I was not carrying they still had the ' just doing my job' attitude,so what did they find ? The night before I left, to use up some Bhat I got 5 packs of fags, at the airport knowing the limit was
Anyway that was the first time got done and probably the smallest amount I have ever attempted to smuggle.So no real hard feelings.
Got the train to hotel checked in and had a few hours kip, while waiting for my aussie friend to join me after her weekend away in Sydney.
Well Michelle arrived about 14:30 and spent the rest of the day catching up on news and stuff.
Well have spent the morning wandering around the river and they are still clearing up after the floods got some food and drink and will have a picnic in the room. Picnic turned into regatta into an evenings drinking and room service.
It's now 14:00 on Tuesday and I am jacobed to say the least so draw your own conclusions, she is having such an effect on me I am about to go pointless is that ,seven years at Palatia and I have never been in their pool, 24hrs with chelle and am going swimming .So a couple of laps were done,it is a small pool.
Went out for a meal and a few beers and am now looking forward to Austrailia Day a bit like St george's back home only these guys are given the day off and encouraged ,by all accounts to go out and bash a non aussie.Apparently british is OK, but not taking any chances.
Late getting up,Michelle can't sleep Oh what is the poor girl to do and am now drinking cofffee in a cafe, the sun is out and it's beautiful, the only cloud on the horizon ,apart from them fucking customs idiots, is I now have to find accomadation for the rest of my stay whose duration is far from settled.So have a fully charged up phone and 24hrs worth of internet access it could be a long day,but first we are going for a stroll around the areas to see whats out there.Well took a walk up to the Regatta Hotel a local land mark apparently, a few beers and a taxi back to the hotel.However you can see patriotic they are here, the local park had the artillery guns out for the 21 gun salute and the streets are filled with people decked out in Aussie regalia a far more concerted effort than St Georges day , but then today is a national holiday for them.
Mainly The Doors last night.
All the best.
250grams that was all I brought, so them 100 fags that cost 400 TB (£8) meant that I was over the limit and as I did not declare it left me liable to a fine although when you read the aussie customs card it says more than 250 fags or more than 250grams of tobacco, which I did not have, therefore they are illiterate cunts as well any way to end rant ,to keep all my contraband it would cost me A$ 140, pretty much street value of what I had so thought fuck it you keep it and I will stop smoking while here and fuck your taxes and I will pass on all the stuff I learnt while being interrogated to more nefarious people so they can flood your streets with crap cocaine and give these fucking idiots a kick up the arse when they are asked why are you spending 45 minutes to cane someone for having 100 fags when the streets are full of cocaine or for that matter ,why are they quite happy for a community known as Nimbin to happen were it is basically a do as you want town and smoking pot is turned a blind eye to, and you show me any fuking heroin / coke addict who did not start on pot and I will show you a fuking idiot.

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