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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Marvin Morgan isn't Marvellous at all , he's a CU#T

Yes when I get home will not consider photography as suitable employment.

Well I really have to apologise as nothing happened, went for roast dinner , dragged into lotus bar by a gaggle of girls , but caught a glimpse of the old firm game and also who was on the table where we were going to sit and wisely gave it a swerve to hit the DS, a few changs 7 ball the local champ.....well he thinks he is. Wake up the next morning slightly worse for wear only to realise that I had to confirm the fishing trip and get to mae haad and check into my room for the night.
This was acheived with a minimum of fuss and as it had a DVD player got some films and watched them all night.
Awoke at a criminal hour , yes , so aware am I of my shiteness in the morning I arranged for an alarm call from Oz !!!!!
This arrived at 6am as promised, and the great white hunter was off to do mens stuff.
The boat was a bit of an eyeopener, traditional Thai fishing boat ,but the guy was cool and we were soon reeling them in, the boat is so small could not even get piccys but I assure you there were trevally,bream and a few other species but no sail fish. Went back to sairee stinking of fish and spent an hour washing the clothes and I.
Am now waiting for dinner time, how boring is that.
So off to Sairee, meet Neil and off to lotus for one and then off to DS and it seems between the two of them they have put on some food , so very many thanks, the Goulash was great and made a refreshing change. Stayed in the bar all night and it seems virtually every person on the island that I know turned up, so it was nice and rather sweet.
Many thanks to all involved. Ended up watching the discovery channel and drinking the Chang till it was time for bed and a very merry birthday was had.
Rudely awaken at a time that I wasn't even going to bother look at it , loudest thunder I have ever heard, if I wasn't still pissed would of shit myself . so the weather has taken a turn for the worse and am now booking uo Koh Samui and Phuket

Well thats all folks.
. If I had a TV would fancy a night watching it as I think its going to lash down tonight

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