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Thursday, 23 December 2010

It's not me , It's you

Well what have I been doing for the last few days.......not a great deal the routine is now 2nd nature and apart from getting my head blown off by the asian food from last night not a lot has occurred.
Have decided to head off in a positive mode for a change it seems some of my negativity is a little to OTT.
I have thoroughly enjoyed these last few weeks, its always nice to be wanted, so apart from having a sensible half time session not a lot has happened.
I have 4 weeks left so will give diving a go , sort out a fishing trip and get around to doing all the things I planned to do when I was researching this trip .Not sure what they water their plants on over here , but wouldn't be surprised if it was lysergic acid. It was seriously that strong.
So have a party to go to tonight round Neils place, bit of a BBQ a few beers and such.
Have met some great people ,everyone is really friendly so whether you are talking to a Hungarian bar owner or a French dive instructor they are all willing to converse and share stories.Even met the guy who is partial to a bit of Dutch,his name is Toby hails from Farnham and played for Tongham FC, is still mates with Mark Nicholls and if your reading this Mark he says hi !!!!!
Have been given wifi code for the big house so don't even have to leave the cave to upload shit , and the tattooist has just had a kid ,but will be up and running in the next couple of days,so can get that sorted out.
Seems the hardest decision is where to eat Xmas dinner as most people have different expectations.
Really hard to comprehend that 3 days to Xmas. I seem to spend most of my day lounging around in trunks and wondering why I have no sun tan -not even bothering with lotion anymore !!!!!
Did you know you can fly from Phuket to Brisbane for BH13,500 (c£280), I do now.
So will ensure I have a great time tonight and not get to wankered as it is all happening on the 3rd floor rooftop terrace.Guess what Smiths song has just come on.......Last Night I Dreamt......yep a portent for the future no doubt.
Departure date is putting its head over the horizon and I don't like it one bit.
Well the BBQ passed off without event, nobody jumped off the roof or anything, quite interesting to watch Lothario's at work ,the footings they put in place , numbers exchanged the `oh you'll have to come out on a dive with me' speech.
Am far to old and way far to cynical to even waste my time with that crap ,although I really enjoyed the flesh I was getting shown- now we have dental floss being paraded as underwear and best ignore that one for the next couple of days.Still enjoyed everything and now looking forward to a massage for BH300(£6.50) and a cup of the best coffee ever created really good shit.It`s 13-30 and I can`t be arsed to crawl out of the cave but I must, have even started decorating it with all the shit am handed at night , shame not in Vegas!!!!!! thats it white rabbit has come on so will get up now ,god I can be an idle bastard at times, and this is me being positive ??????????
Well into sairee and had my massage,wow not had the old fella touched in weeks, accidental but hey it all counts so am now brunching and looking for barbers.
Barbers found and head duly shorn,yes I know two things in one day, far to busy for me and won't do that again.Met up with Neil in the dark side beer, pool and off to watch Tom play the same set as usual but worse , he now has Xmas songs and a rather high pitched voice something akin to sir bob just not as nasal.Meatballs and mash for dinner with a right motley crew -tony the token gay guy who is quite happy going into detail , matt the yank who swallows mossie repellent for a beer.
Anyway got a call from M and actually got to talk to her friends - no pressure but your on loudspeaker, be funny!!!!!
Am sure I was promised naked photos of olive who's 47 and still game as fuck....apparently, maybe should of introduced her and Bob, would of saved him a lot of footwork.Have been officially invited back to Brisbane so the trip is going into overtime , well it is at the moment , and far to cold at home to want to rush back ,maybe back for Cheltenham festival.......maybe not.So it is really boring blogging this and trying not to rant ,but for once lifes good.No pressures,no stress and I can get stoned if I want to.
Got rudely awoken by M who seems to have an issue with time zones, I don't think she does, she just wanted to hear my voice???? refute at your leisure.So have stayed awake somehow and whacked some shit out here and now looking for an appropriate photo.
All the best
This is my truth ,tell me yours.

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