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Sunday, 26 December 2010

How soon is now ....ask four skinny indie kids......

Got to listen to that last night very cool and rather apt too !!!! Still nothing of note to report, apparently I done 10 bottles of chang + a large bottle so 12 changs and then half time, shit I am a train wreck.
Still, needs doing on the run up to xmas.Will no doubt be stocking up on phonecards to make the calls home.
What else last night ????? Did the most confusing person I know at the moment finally snag the fella of her dreams,would not even try to work out her issues, I will get him by spending all my time with another guy !!!!!.A day of mourning might be called as Toby got to grips with Sarah ....allegedly ....putting her out of reach of the mere mortal man.
Have no idea whats on the agenda for tonight no doubt it will involve the Dark Side and some chang and some food somewhere, fancy a bit of fish actually.
Also must try the Red Bull here people are saying its liquid speed with some stuff in it you don't get at home-BH12 a bottle- 30p !!!!!
Will look at bringing a few bits and pieces home tiger balm is really cheap maybe some of this red bull, will have a VRB maybe tonight or NYE.Right time for my bucket and try to get a few photos of the sunset - it's awesome.
Yep the night was very messy and almost surreal ,you had the same as an english xmax eve.A potential punch up lots of pissed up people looking for someone to go home with and mostly very drunk people talking utter fucking bollocks.
As for the fight old Neil's years of bar management calmed the situation , only for him to walk up to the guy and say 'don't come over here and bring it on if you got nothing to bring' ........classic.
As with most Xmas eves I remember the start but not the finish , needless to say woke up with a dog outside the door beats a traffic cone ,his name is Bruegel. Got very drunk , no half time (I think) and looked on as some rather young ,nubile flesh was on show and also some not so nice.If I remember rightly a very good music collection was played last night so may be worth a further visit.
On an alternative note, it seems my parents, as proud of me as they are, do not appreciate the language used in this blog ,sorrry guys........but its here for fucking good.
So onto Xmas day have an invite to sairee cottage so that was gratefully accepted,neil is out peeling the spuds and I am waiting for poached eggs on toast,but will chip in once I've eaten.
Neil has appeared and has less recollection of last night than I do...I awake with a dog outside the door, he wakes up lying next to his ex.....funny old world init. Not that I want to wake up next to any of my ex'es I couldn't, the knife would be so deep in between the shoulder blades you could never get it out.

So am sitting in a cafe with a ramones t shirt on bemoaning the fact that its 25 degrees and I have a rather nice collection of mossie bites.........god its a hard life.
Actually spent most of the day hung over and only come round about the time we ate,splendid meal with amazing view of the sunset. Went up for a game of poker and then headed off to the dark side for a nightcap and potted off home rather the worse for wear.

All the best.

The Smiths all day long


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