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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Scandi season is upon us. copyright Neil Francis

Corporal Big Gordon - AWOL.
Well another uneventful day on this island paradise I call home. Put some bets on , but not WHUFC and they go and beat Fulham typical , the teams I did bet on are shit end of.
So did absolutely nothing again it feels soooooo good went for bite to eat and watched footy all night. Tevez he make me laugh.
Ended up in the Dark Side and got exceedingly ruined.Did hear that little Ms Confused ended up going through the round window in what can only be described as a house with revolving bedrooms and mystical powers of attraction !!!!
This morning is not going well as cannot pick up Internet at the moment, although on the bright side hat and shades have been located after disappearing while on drunken manoeuvres somewhere.
Am pleased to report that Bruegal is guarding the balcony and corporal big Gordon is protecting the bathroom , his mate little Gordon is hiding behind the mirror , in case BG gets hungry.
The weather is just right nice and warm but not to sunny so no need for sun block.
Every thing is just peachy with England 444/5, a quick hundred before lunch and am sure Ponting will find his own way home maybe even retire from international cricket then we will stuff them in Sydney as well, am so glad I’m going back there for 1 dayers .
Chucker Johnson can go as well he’s either great or crap and how can you build a side around that, unless they prepare another Perth wicket or just play all their games there.
So it’s the 27th today which means Monday and all you wage slaves will be moaning about going back to work on Wednesday except Mike of course……… Teachers, just grown up students who worked out what soap was for. Perhaps something I can look into upon my return , super Mature Student or something like that.
Could you imagine me surrounded my annoying little shits ,be like being back down the Cricket Club, seriously , OK only joking I love the play group we have down there , but I am also a liar.
So am chilling in my room and trying to remember where we arranged to eat / imbibe last night I could be all alone tonight !!!!!!!
Just to change the subject am listening to Lily Allen and Not Fair yes I know its only a song but aren’t people who just sit there and take a……… OK Mum will not go there. Just this once and coz its Xmas and all.
So am sure I made plans for tonight but can’t for the love of me remember what, where or with whom. Will no doubt come back to me eventually , hopefully in a text message.
Well , went down a few bars met up with Neil and his students as he dragged them to the ladyboy cabaret, could not and would not go through that again so went to the sunflower and met them in there. Met Maeve had some conversation in the bar with her ,she then promptly turned and bit Neil . Shaun, her beau to be duly took her out the bar and took her home. Mad , pure madness. Although I did bump into them today, she assured me her head was fine it was the embarrassment that haunted her ,like being a teenager again she remarked !!!!!!!! Scary women.
Got wankered and trotted off home with the mobile stuck to my ear.
Pissed about this morning as the wifi is back on and that is all I have to report other than Corporal Big Gordon is AWOL from his post.
All the best.

Career Opportunities - The Clash.


P.S Are me and Neil the only ones wondering why Ian Curtis RIP plays in goal for Sunderland ???

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