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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

yep the view from tampa airport observation lounge.....stunning isn't it.Wheres the planes you ask fucking good question I would reply.Tampa like Delta is SHIT.
Well now we have in flight wifi at only 13$ a throw just wait till easy jet find out- now you just have to see what these people bring on to planes dogs - pillows-blankets pretty much anything they like - the no electronics rule on takeoff only applies to idiots like me everyone else is on the phone texting people and/or using the vibrate function and I haven’t been laid in years.
Anyway I digress, fuck it no I don’t. Why do these people wind me up so much- little miss gorgeous is in the row opposite and catches me every time I steal one, the girl opposite me when in the departure lounge should be grateful she had knickers on otherwise I would be blind  and she would of drowned by now, but then no one is innocent and she was just as aware as I was of what she was showing. Still who am I to turn down a free lunch not as if I’m a size zero or anything.
So now sitting in 19C ,30 mins into my journey to LA that took off 150 minutes late at least as per the way here I get an empty seat alongside me so plenty of foot room but then, so has little miss gorgeous opposite me so there just is no justice in the world these days.
So am now settling down to watch a movie called ‘salt’ no doubt will send me rushing for the Lithium cabinet, shortly followed by a trip to see nurse ratchet and a month in Solitary. Still mustn’t grumble going to be high 70’s and I hear it’s pissing down in England. So a few days on the beach and also had a great idea for a new tattoo ,it will be fucking awesome just hope there’s somewhere near to me to get one( This one will actually be in English).
For those that enjoy a good laugh especially at my expense , it seems because I am travelling LA- SYD it seems I lose a day i.e I take off on the 19th and land on the 21st wouldn’t mind but that means I lose a fucking Saturday, at least I picked up on this and was able to alter the room bookings in Sydney so not to much harm done yet anyway.
Batteries now dying so all the best.
P.S - Have now been flying for three hours , film was crap. No need to worry if you miss it there will be a sequel, a film without A.Jolie not at least showing some kind a flesh even if its someone else’s just isn’t right IMHO.
Opposite me in 20F little miss gorgeous has been hacking away at her ipad all flight, it’s amazing the little silhouettes the light of the screen throw out on the ceiling of the plane as she types and the things that are going through my mind, believe I must be coming down with Dorian Grey syndrome at least that’s my excuse and I’m more than happy sticking to it.
So now have another three hours to kill , but at least Tina Fey has come on the TV, she is a comedian who also writes a lot of shows. I watched some programme where she picked up a couple of awards and she is rather funny. Unlike Gwynyth fucking Paltrow who is on virtually every fucking channel singing about a tractor or a 3 eyed dog or something like that, especially sung for people who need the ‘dukes of hazzard’ explained to them, obviously acting has gone a bit tits up or she’s trying to show Chris she’s not just a pretty face with a rather nice arse as well. Oh and seeing Mr T selling a cook all oven thingy is fucking excruciatingly bad almost worse than a sore ,itchy attack of the farmers.
Have no idea how philly got on ,but bloody hell anyone watch the cowboys turn over NY last night fuck me that was a waste of a tenner./
So will await the seatbelt sign to die and take a slight look at the trolly dollies in first class, as I do what comes naturally to an artist like me.
Until next time.

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