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Monday, 15 November 2010

L.A here I come !!!!!

Yep that's FT in concert, the only venue I've ever been in with a big tree in the middle of it.So watched the gig said hello to FT, get a t shirt and am back in the bar by half 11, back in bed by 01-00.
Saturday was the designated 'get some colour on this pasty looking skin' after an hour getting slightly less pasty and studying the football, I decided S.Carolina to beat Florida was the bet of the day and the bet of the night would be found at Derby Lane dog track.
So the taxi is called and I should of been worried when a Doris turns up grabs the map and assures me she knows where it is just not the quickest way there- 30 mins later 2 wrong turns - leading to 2 u turns and a $35 dollar fare,which she knocked 10 off -I arrive at a grand stand which would happily grace any Championship football club- give these fuckers their due they build impressive shit.Ten races later including the biggie worth $20 k find myself $25 down even after 3 winners and the F/C in the big one so musn't grumble to much.Grab a cab back to the bar all of $15 when you get a real taxi driver driving another early night and every intention of detoxing Sunday B4 the flight to LA.Funnily enough the detox was achieved due to the off license across the road being closed, so am now in the hotel lobby waiting for a video to download so I can leech their wifi to the full before grabbing some lunch and more rays until  the cab for the airport arrives at 15-50 I hope.
Have also seen that Chelscum lost at at home WHUFC failed to win again and ladyboy scored a ton down under- at least the weather back home is a constant I can hold onto,until next time.

All the best.

Generation Terrorist.


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