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Thursday, 18 November 2010

should of payed more attention to details

Muscle Junction on the beach-last time I saw any thing like this the rings were a lot lower and more grouped together,but hey you don,t have to pay for these ones.
So arrived at hotel 01-00 and posted the last blog which was pretty much prewritten on the flight, anything to keep my mind of 20F who looked disturbingly like someone I once and unfortunately still do think very highly of.
So lovely welcome note on the bed when I got to the room” please be aware Tuesday is are weekly pest control day please vacate all rooms between 10-3“. They didn’t fucking mention that on the brochure -pretty sure I had a room with a toilet in as well- getting fucked over is like anal -it only hurts the first time and I’ve been engaged twice so not really an issue.
So now am sitting in star bucks looking at the hotties as its 10-20 and they must be on a break or something, can’t wait to meet some of these beautiful people and hopefully get some pictures of LA at its most kitsch and garish or just piss off to the pier and do some fishing.
So what to do in LA.
Well what a day yesterday was popped into the town and watched brighton beat woeful woking and webbed the ATFC game a couple of pints and emails to Karl the brenford fan later find myself back in the room and just chilling out.
Find a pub on the web Cock and Bull its called it certainly lived up to its name,Blue Moon is a surprisingly moorish drink esp at 6.7% alcohol.leaving there walk about a milke and found a sushi bar.
Decuded to give it a gio but bit rusty with the old choppy stiks ended up having tuna crab starters and a sea/shell fish dish,Well I never thought it possible but it was fucking gorgeous,shellfish with noodles in a light passsatta instant hard on I was in love will be back there Thursday no doubt.Anyway grabbed a cab into town and went in brittania pub yeah English I know but actually enjoyed hearing English voices again who would of thought that possible.Met a guy from Cumbria who suggested a music bar round the corner so popped in there and thought fuk it this music is shite- empty the dance floor !!!!!
Well its no secret I can’t dance for shit but must of done something right cause spent the rest of the night with two air hostess’s Cindy and Janice,Cindy kepy grabbing me arse so Janice stuck her tongue down me throat who says its wrong to be a sex object, the cumbrian guy just stood there almost felt sorry for him.Even got the girls to give me a lift home,got in car and Janice promptly collapsed on to Cindys lap which made me think what would of happened if I was driving,and yes I would of ,even after watching that rape video.which if thats the best they can come up with they want to fuck off back to school and seriously consider being a teen mum statistic cause it really sucks.
So on to Wednesday bit of a waste of the morning as I slept in till 1pm,popped into town for a bite to eat and then met up with John for a catch up and then back to the music bar no sign of the girls but wasn't that surprised,but the band was great an old school ska band with like 12 members which was 1 guitar 1 bongo kit keyboards and rest played trumpets/tromboneys/and sax etc really good and an amazing sound.
As for today will look up a tattoo shop and maybe mooch around the pier area.

Until later.

LA Women


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