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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

no luggage no beer no drugs no future

My all time favourite winemaker - Tatachilla - can't seem to find it back home anymore.
Had a wander around KX, as expected very Soho like with only the fact that the weather is lovely.
Picked up food for a simple meal-the aussie dollar is far to strong ,its quite pricey over here -3 quid for half a lager
Back at the hostel its quite a mixed bunch pretty much all of Europe is represented with a few yanks in here as well the only thing they have in common is that they are all half my age..
So sat up on the balcony having a smoke, when the Texas hold em table is set up.A$5 in and I’m up and running 2.5 hours later still playing now hungry, luckily for me a couple of rash all ins and am in the kitchen knocking up a chilli.
The balcony gets shut at 10 ish which is a shame cause its like a Jamaicans shibbeen every one apart from me seems to be rolling up a joint ,its never ending spliff after spliff going round the tables.
Back to the TV room and even if any thing good was on these lot couldn’t agree on the weather.
So outside for a smoke and an earlyish night.
Awoken bright and early due to the fact that the sun comes in thru the window at 7am,not the end of the world. Two days here and now have tanned skin to go with the teeth.
Went down for coffee and off for a wander into the town centre …very nice it is to. Picked up the new Carl Hiaasen in paperback which wasn’t available in USA,got the head chopped and ponced around. No bloody wifi unless I want to pay for it.
Oh and it’s a beautiful day ,these lot have got a lot to shout about ,unfortunately, they arre not backward coming forward and it there not careful the mad mullahs will find themselves a new target.
Have not seen one Abbo yet maybe they got their land back!!!!!All joking asisde this is a classless society the only thing that matters here is ability and the hard work ethic. So you have to envy that they had the forethought to set up this system and it obviously works.
For anyone coming over here,in the two days I’ve been here there is work available from the main desk,mainly gardening and labouring but it pays A$15/20 an hour so four hours pays for your keep.
Back to the hostel and read half the book,up for a smoke on the rooftop terrace and ended up poker food poker then bed.Boring I know but am really looking forward to get to Brisbane.
So here I am in Brisbane,lack of wifi has meant few log ons .At least this place really does have FREE wifi not just your 1st hour.
Checked in at Sydney and asked if there was any room on an earlier flight,there was.I even asked the twat on the desk that my luggage would be on my flight,of course he says.Yeah well guess what if fucking wasn’t.Another twat at at the ‘baggage blues’desk can you believe they call’ lost luggage cause we are a shit airline ‘that?
She couldn’t find a use for herself on the end of my dick, Brett Easton Ellis springs to mind ,gives a new perspective to head fuck(read American Psycho for reference).So got the train to where I need to be and there’s no one here.
So from a model well behaved tourist.
All the best
Blonde on Blonde.
Australia is like the red headed stepchild forever trying to show how grown up and adult it is, and needs a good slap so come on ENGLAND.

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