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Thursday, 25 November 2010

The night before the morning after......

Only in an Aussie footty ground would you find a sign like this.
Well luggage turned up at half six,went to the bottle shop and got the supplies in and just spent the night chatting to a couple of lads who are here for cricket as well.
Actually woke up at half 5 lovely and sunny,chilled out with tea and champions league.Ended up taking a stroll into town and picked up my tickets for the game,got some more supplies.listening to the radio 1 iplayer os the smiths fucking brilliant....asa i'm writing this.
Arrannged to meet macca at the pig and whistle so popped into town again at 7pm Brisbane is lovely esp. at night.Got talking to a couple of guys (mike and chris ) in there and this lovely thing came over for a cigarette,Megs her name was ,we had a little chat and off she went.More of her later. A couple of blonds on the next table caught my eye so I kept abreast of the situation.
Macca turned up with bob and phil so the six of us chewed the fat for an hour when megs came back for another fag,carried on our chat and I mentioned Mikes age 52 , I'd still do him she said, so I sat her down opposite Mike and left him to it ,she was 23,just love the aussie birds so forthright and blunt- its a spade and I'm fucking calling it one.Unfortunatly for Mike her (boy)friend came over and after a few words she left, real shame cause she was a stunner.The two blondes had now become one,the plan was hatched and actioned.
Michelle was her name and had had a shit day at work so we chatted then bob chatted, I like Bob he makes me look good.She wanted to dance I'm not proud but off we tottled to the dancefloor and I think it was gone one when we left. I will leave it there but the heavens have opened and the drought is well and truly over.
CC 10.
So woke up latish and potted off to the gabba by the time I got there we were two down and apart from Bell I didn't think anyone applied themselves, not the major concern of mine as last night was really starting to hurt and I had a .few nervous moments.Managed to stay awake and watch the garbage England produced although I have to say from my vantage point Siddle played a blinder, but without him they looked very,very ordinary.Left with a couple of overs to go and took the 30 mins walk back to the hosel, my feet are both in a bad way and I may need to see a quack as nothing seems to helping them.
Am sitting on the balcony drinking VB with plans for an early night and dreams of swanny taking ten wickets .

All the best.

I'm adament,so strong willed you give in.
Although the bed is small,the springs scream out remorse.
And last nights VB drifts away while we're sleeping.
And I'm doing my head in.

Sorry Cerys and Co.

I'm not always proud of my actions,but on the otherhand I'm not perfect either.
Let he who is without sin judge me.


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