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Monday, 29 November 2010

Eli and cutis - mad as hatters on acid.Eli`s the one dressed like a gay sailor.
God only knows that brought that on,but you will be pleased to know that all is well now.
My first ever test match and it had everything- a hat trick 4 hundreds and ladyboys double ton didn't he do well.As a nation oz is awful what a bunch of whingers they hate the barmy army can give out loads of stick but can't take it back one bit.
Individually they are great but as a collective, fuck me don't they moan.Can only say saturday was the worst experience ever haddin + hussey so lucky in that first spell on another day Anderson would of got 5 on his own and these clowns thought the ashes were in the bag,and then to watch them tear us apart all afternoon was just to much and I had an early one acouple of hours kip and into town for the night with macca and co.
Good night out is Brisbane a bit on the young side and at least last night they brought their mums with them.
Met a couple of aussies in the german bar at lunch and they were madder than me, a right scream,brought the boys back to meet them it was a good night.
For the first time ever in my life I was asked to leave a bar due to intoxication and looking back they were right -I was a dribbling mess but from expecting it to be all over by tea,we were 90 runs ahead so it was a viable excuse.
watching test cricket tends to take over your life and am so glad only doing one test,favourite chant of today was"aussie,aussie, aussie....where ,where , where"only 7000 in the ground today 6000 of them english.
Just shows how fickle these twats are.Have done absolutly nothing apart from the odd night out so got nothing to report.Am moving to the valley area tomorow which is supposed to be the liviest part of Brisbane and expect everything to calm down a bit .Will be on the lash with the boys friday as its bob's 40th.
There is a big race meet on Saturday so want to get there maybe even with some company you never know.

So will leave it there.

Equally Cursed and Blessed.


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