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Friday, 12 November 2010

What a difference a day and 45 miles make.

No pictures to day, but ultra cool vid of the skyloft bridge in album.
So The Cult on Monday,again was more impressed with the support band ,Canadian I think.
The Cult just eyed up the talent and picked there groupie for the night.
Now moving on to Tuesday,went to the car hire place to pick up motor - cherry red Chevrolet do the checks sat in it FUCK wheres the clutch SHIT it's an automatic so have a practise around the car park and then wonder what the other letters mean on the stick get informed I won't need them and off I roll.Apart from the bridge which I can't praise enough really uninteresting drive would go as far as saying its a piece of cake this driving abroad shit.
Met up with my mate in Sarasota and got the tour of where he has moved to Long Wood Ranch it's called about the size of Guildford it's like a gated town with it's own everything, but half of its empty with the recession and you can pick up these semi mansions for like a million bucks - crazy.A lot of it was designed by jack nicklaus and lee trevino who lives round the corner from my friend,had a meal and a walk round the bars all very pleasant and really good to catch up with old friends.Then decided to get a cab back into town for a few drinks in the 5 o clock bar by the time i got back to hotel = wankered big time.Next morning took a stroll to sober up b4 driving back.Got told to take the freeway as much quicker then the way google took me - shit I was back in half the time and half the fuel which is $2.79 a galleon, this country runs on gas.
fancied an Indian last night so found one on the net walked up there only to find it was shut down, the pub was empty again , however, it seems that if you request a song on the computerised duke box, and it hasn't got it ,it downloads the artist so Macdaddies biker bar now has a full repartee of Frank Turner and Huskar Du on its duke box.No doubt will end up there again tonight but $2.50 a bottle its hard to go wrong plus the cab driver claimed it was the best and safest one around here.
So have Frankie tomorrow and think I will hire a rod at the pier and have a days fishing off it or until the 6 pack runs dry on Saturday.
Went up to the beaches and not sure what all  the fuss is all about, I didn't find any oil just bleached white sand ,just the yanks bashing B.P i reckon.
So in the words of Tex Avery "That's all folks"

All the best.

Setting Sons


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