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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Fuck me - it's the Chester Arms

Well made it safe and sound to St petes, bit of a shithole area I'm in, certainly not the wisest thing to be doing is walking back from pub at 2am.Also am led to believe that the 'EFFICIENCIES' in the motel sign above allows you to rent a room by the hour-I will let you draw your own conclusions.The hotel is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by industrial estates and crackheads who seem intent on selling me a bus pass,it's as if it is there mission statement in life.Only 2 bars in walking distance and last nights victim of my presence was 'Mac Daddies liquor lounge' karaoke and bud at $2.50 a bottle and it was just like the old Chester Arms swear to god troggy and neil smithy and curly were all in there irene lil plus a couple of Dollies and sandra was working the bar.Have to say the ladies were highly rated especially when these 3 girls went up and did the divinyls- I touch myself and showed the bar exactly where,very fit as well unfortunately they were also showing that the miracle of life is not quite as miraculous as you may first expect,might have to revisit this pub again,the songs being song were just about getting shagged,stoned or both really was hilarious and will try to get 'the devil goes down to Jamacia' on utube and post it There is even a side door you go out of to smoke the weed, funniest thing was when the doorman went out for a spliff,came back and virtually everyone there caned him for not sharing !!!!!!!! And he's the fucking security.To top if all off I had been there since ten and was pissed at 2 but the last 4/5 people just walk out of the bar and straight into their cars what is the fucking DD law out here ???????
Good news is I have both the channels that the breeders cup is on this weekend so the weekend will be more gambling and theres a street festival on friday,so the only issue is now to rent a car or not as I am going down to sarasota for a couple of days and the cost of taxis is $120, car hire for a week will end up about $250 by the time everything is added on.So today will be laundry day and investigate car hire might eat out tonight seems to be some good steakhouses and as I have a 7 day bus pass the island is my oyster so to speak.Will also be trying to get tickets to see The Cult on Monday, was never really my scene but hey ho you never know.Oh and housekeeping is determined to piss me off, keep knocking me up earlier and earlier but then again they do make the room smell nice.So the washing is bagged and ready to go and have just dug some shorts out of the closet they are olive !!!!!!!!
I have to concede I  have little fashion sense and absolutely no fucking idea about colours,no doubt all of my fashion success's are being worn by Mike.
All the best.

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