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Friday, 5 November 2010

Danger - Culinary genius at work.

Tired of eating crappy take away food.
Yep thats my breakfast - noodle soup a la coffee pot and very nice it was too.
Well hurricane tomas has certainly brough some much needed rainfall to the drought ridden Florida landscape,unfortunately has pissed me off big time not only does it rain ,but it's that windy I need me hoodie.
Took the bus up to Park Plaza looking for a postbox, fucking shopping centre is bigger than Aldershot and no bloody postbox,Thats two bloody days I been looking for one and still no joy.
So the car is hired and the hotel booked and the trip to sarasota sorted, only have to drive 44 miles without crashing.
Wednesday night $1.50 a bottle got wasted on a tenner, but no blondie just her two egg carrying friend and a shit load of bikers who just love their bikes would be amazed if they have any time for anything else as they just sat there and talked bikes all night.
Me I just drank beer and watched the football.
As for last night well, what can I say blondies name is 'Jen' and she is 33 years old and calls me the quiet one,I also won a game of pool played loads of shit on the juke box and got given a low down on all the good/bad titty bars in the area,and an invite to go fishing with a 6'4 biker called pete I was to scared to refuse just gave him a moody address so all in all a good night and managed to dodge the showers on the way home.
Being the first friday of the month downtown shuts off a couple of streets for a music/food festival with live bands et al,so need to make up me mind whether to go there, risk macdaddies or just stay in and watch the breeders cup on tv- no doubt I will pop into town for a bite to eat and then back to the bar.
So this morning more noodle soup and a walk round the block to the chinese shop for some dried fish and the gits don't do it.
So will view the first couple of races then maybe a seafood restaurant, oysters and grouper sounds nice then hit mac dies for as the old chinese proverb says - you never know your luck-.

All the best.

'My jeans were full of strange ideas,my mind was set despite my fears'.


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