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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Boy am I sorted

Just chilling in the sunshine-found a launderette and am now fully armed with a clean wardrobe.
Well the good news was Florida won yesterday, how, I have no idea Georgia were just clueless and should of taken a FG when they had the chance and this is not because I had £50 on them.
The local hang out last night was full fancy dress is huge out here and I was looking forward to a good night, however, and you just knew that was coming, a women comes over and starts chatting to me , apparently you can buy a $10 dollar bracelet and drink free untill 00-30 there was me paying $3.75 a beer.Anyway I got told all about her love of the church her daughters her love of the church her Godson ,who was also there,oh and her love of the church,halleluyah .I take it you get my drift.This was obviously a complete waste of my time but did not have the heart to ignore her even when this women comes in absolutly wankered just crying out to assist in diplomatic relations, christ she lost her phone 3 times whilst sitting at the bar.Yep you know the type won't even ask you your name and leaves her gum in-and just could not get away from the god squad, so I took that as a portent of the rest of the night and sulked off home to bed. So am now watching NFL and hopefully recouping some of the money lost yesterday, sink is armed and loaded ,subway ready and a soul food shack a couple of blocks away.The only downer is the 5am alarm call that I need to catch me train tomorrow,this is the only moody connection of the whole trip and can't afford to miss it so will be setting every alarm clock I have.Until then.........

Ogdens Nut Gone Flake.

All the best.


P.S Is anyone actually reading this ?