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Friday, 3 December 2010

not all going to plan- and yes its my fault

So have left the minto and came to the kookaburra inn, which is not a pub. The room is small but has a sink and a fan which is a nice touch.
The drawback no free wifi and what there is does not seem to reach my room. Hence running back and forth to kitchen to see if I have any emails etc.
Wandered upto the Valley and its more Chinatown then anything else. Oh and very nearly got run over this morning. Crossing at a set of lights ,green man comes on and so start to cross , straight forward you may think, but not here as here cars can turn left on a red but obviously have to stop for pricks like me.
Well this guy saw me late and slowed right down instinct made me jump back and a 4x4 behind him ploughed right into the back of him sending the stationary car spinning round the corner. Do not want to know how close I would have been if not jumped back to being under that car.
The 4x4 driver gets out ranting but then rushes back to her car for the phone for an ambulance two young lads I think in the first car ,I just fucked off. Aussie police, like there sportsman, are not known for their impartiality, hope the two guys are ok, thought she was going a bit fast but not that fast and there was about 10 people the other side of the road who had a better view than me as they would of seen the 4x4 and be able to gauge how fast she was going.
Done a bit of shopping and am having lamb ribs with brown rice for tea .Hopefully out for a meal tomorrow, god this place is depressing will have to go into town and look into some day trips I think.
If this wasn’t paid for I would be out looking for elsewhere. Sydney is taking shape and found a hotel under the bridge ,well almost, am looking forward to doing the sightseeing bollocks and that while there.
Quite sad really ,have worked out Sydney puts me over half way thru my trip , but enough of them thoughts.
So with a Guinness on my mind I will start tonight’s preparations with a shower.
Ended up in O’Malleys which does a rather nice pint of Guinness,had some pleasant company and headed off to the Vic for a nightcap and back to my room.
Woke up and went into town via travel agents and purchased a rather fetching Zen Arcade t shirt which is rather fitting as well. Unfortunately for me with all my retail therapy ignored dire weather outlook and got caught in an horrendous storm which left me soaked thru to the skin in about 90 secs and required the purchase of an umbrella-ella-ella. Again made arrangements to rendezvous at a Greek restaurant for a meal, first time in a BYO rather an unique experience had lamb chops no real surprise there, but it was delightful ,big chunky chops and a lemon sauce with new potatoes and greek salad.
It was lovely and very reasonable only A$22 which trust me is dirt cheap,not sure if things are as expensive as first thought more likely that our £ is fucked up.Got a cab into the valley it was pretty empty but open and tried a couple of pubs met some pilled up paddies trying their best to convince us they weren’t - as if.
This is when the old adage about first impressions ,well sober ones anyway comes to mind and it all got a bit messy, suffice to say no sleep and will be drinking on my own from tonight onwards.
It’s the old friends thing isn’t it, if a doris says it, its to be accepted and you should be grateful that she would stoop so low as to have you in this circle. However when a man says it well aren’t you the biggest fucking cunt god put breath in to, it seems a gimme that you have abused them and taken advantage of them and now just want to move on to ling ling and ting ting or what ever thai girls call them selves these days, I just don’t get it she has my phone number both of them and my email, the town I live in and the village in which I was brought up - Ash, it has a relevance lets see who can work it out.
You take yourself out of the game because you don’t like what the pursuit of happiness turns you into ,what did bob say” even Jesus would never forgive what you do “!!!
What the fuck is wrong with being friends, why do women find it such a fucking insult that you would rather talk to them then fuck them - is it a slur on their beauty ? Are they not attractive enough for you to even make a token effort. Is she defective? Have you just wasted their evening? Are you aware of how many offers she could get and turn down elsewhere?
However - Can I come back to your room and fuck you -gets you a slap round the head but is taken as a compliment.
Now I don’t know many gay guys - one I think- and I tell you I would much prefer him to say I was his friend then for him to say I want to take you to the blue oyster bar for some line dancing in chaps and then give you a jolly good rogering.
Suppose Paula Yates got it right “the only thing worse than being talked about , is not being talked about”
Women from mars ???? that’s just a myth Satan created to keep us all sane.
Well guess who just rang full of apologies and all that- and has now just texted and asked if I want to go for a coffee. Is it any fucking wonder my porn collection has its own postcode.
Will keep you updated, should realise most of the ex women in my life want me dead, why the fuck have I just added someone to that list?
Well it all went well , blamed it on the booze and drew a line under it, walked her to the bus station
Grabbed a pizza and a bottle and settled in front of the TV for the night. Oh and no worries about little Brendan.
So am now sitting watching the first session and what a start shit 3/3 COME ON….
Bloody Brisbane weather two inches of rain Wednesday not to bad yesterday but pissing down today ,good job the test was last week coz it would be a wash out at this rate.
WELL BEEN FOR A WALK AND THANKFULLY MISSED THE SHOWERS SO WILL TRY TO UPDATE THIS BLOG as I may of got lucky and bypassed the hotels internet security.
Phil’s been in touch the elephant at 7.
Till then.

I want the one I can’t have……even bloody more then ever now.


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