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Friday, 29 October 2010

Damn fine haircut - Oh and about last night.

You look like Bruce Willis- no, I replied,he looks like me.

Went down to beach all white skin and tan teeth will have to sort that out,hair cut on the way 2.5 miles there and the same back and I found a launderette- Oh the joy.

Now last night - I walked into what I can only describe  as Jerry Springer the reality seris,Fuck me I had a laugh- 60 y.o women with no teeth warbling theirt way through D.I.V.O.R.C.E-
60 y.o men who have more girth than height telling me about 'a love like ours will surely come my way'.
Mother and daughter and I shit you not I would of asked the mother for ID- no way was she 21.
However I will be back there tonight, halloween party apparently fancy dress is required ,most of these will not require much- seriously there is a serious lack of dental hygene or a hugh crystal meth problem not sure which.And why do barmaids insist on calling me 'sweety', unless we are exchanging body fluids I just don't fucking do sweet, excepted she was buying me a beer and I'm probably being rude and ungrateful but |I reserve the right to piss off anyone I like, perhaps I should tell them that after murdering 24 women Ted Bundy was still getting marriage proposals in prison, there are always options, and I haven't given up hope just yet

But the really good news is that Florida are playing Georgia State on saturday so if Florida win surely even I can get laid.

Meat is Murder - especially when Ady cooks it.


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