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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Now this is a room I could bring someone back to.

Yep 3 pieces jerk chicken ,rice and peas was probably not the best choice prior to 16hrs on a train was nice though.
And who would of thought I could get into a row with a train conductor:- I need to show ID ,fair enough whip out me D/License,he spends 30 seconds looking at it and then  loudly annouce's that this was insufficient as it did not show my country on it,look again I tell him it's been fine for the other trains this week , yes i was starting to bite. No he says I need to see your passport,fuck this I'm settled and can't be arsed with this,never the less I get up hit the luggage rack grab the passport make a hugh show of packing everything in and out of ruffsack,he takes the passport and says 'hey your from the United Kingdom,why didn,t you say'.Cause it's written on my driving license only it says UK as opposed  to United Kingdom, he looks at me and bangs on about passenger security, thick cunt did not know what UK stands for.WANKER.
Managed the 16 hours alright re read Catcher in the Rye, and the scene about where do the ducks go in winter ,led me to remember last week when walking thru central park,past the ducks lake, there was a wedding going on .10 blocks up another one and theres me thinking don't do it, the brides thinking last blow job I ever have to give and groom thinking last friday night watching some crap rom/com with meg bloody ryan in it,spearmint rhino and copious amounts of coke from now on.
On the bright side $60 taxi from station to hotel ,but the room,fucking magic - huge.I could bury poeple in here.Have slept most of this morning ,watched House most of the afternoon and now looking forward to a shower + a beer.
Hotel is 1 mile from big naval base in jacksonville ,therefore there must be a 'darby road' around here somewhere.

All the best.

Whatever they say I am ,thats what I'm not.


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