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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.

For all those worried about the absence of the C word- I am trying do as I have been asked.
OK ----so don`t bring me down - Motherfuckers: as Social Distortion would say.
Well walked over that bridge shit don`t look down ??? that’s not to bad , its when you look up your fucked. The day is beautiful sunny as fuck and hot to boot !!!!
Wandered around town and made my way to the soccer stadium next door to the SCG, very impressive and brought a ticket off a tout for the members area and guess what he was 60+ and wearing a Liverpool shirt ,just goes to show ya scousers the same the world over. But it was a good seat and $40 on Brisbane at evens was nice as well, they won 1-0,Sydney were shit but their fans kept going the whole game so fair play to them .Hayden Foxe plays for Sydney their best player but still poor ,hard to believe as it may be but he has got even more ginger than ever, he must now be the king of gingers.
Got train back to hotel , chicken n chips and a bottle of red, not anticipating a plethora of that in Thailand. So will catch up with Fyodor and treble check that I have packed everything. Very quiet night in which was spent mainly on the phone discussing films ,music and loads of other shit.Got up this morning , checked out and am now in maccy D`s cursing their shitty wifi.
The airport is shit to and have waited 90 minutes to check in as they are intentionally making a bad day worse.
Time actually went quite quick once checked in and apart from transferring money around, which I can’t seem to find now ,it was a really uneventful flight .Cruised thru customs and why wouldn’t I ?
Its just that you hear the horror stories although these are normally once you spent all your money and not on the way in.
30 minute taxi ride to hotel no traffic so must be a fair distance !
Was expecting to be proper fucked but he only asked for BH500 which is £11 bargain, checked in, room basic ,got a couple of beers and a bottle of water for a £2 I think, big bottles as well, makes a nice change from Oz .Upon awaking realised this is the best room I have stayed in apart from the 4* hotel obviously, got a safe, wifi ,fridge ,a TV that works and a small balcony to smoke on ….how cool is that ? What would Mastercard say Priceless -well not actually its £12 a night????, only got 4 hours kip so will try a siesta and then set off for Koh Toa via 8 hour coach 2 hour wait for ferry and 90 mins on a boat. Does that sound like fun or what.
Drank lots of coffee and set about the relentless task of chillin out in the room,boy, am I getting good at this. literally did nothing all day other than recharged anything with a plug and put credit on the phone.
Got a tuk tuk, well, when in Rome, and got offered my first boom boom, am sure she would not of looked like the girl in the photo swear to god it was Brittney Speers , surely she hasn’t sunk that low…….yet !!!!
Formed a disorganised queue inside a roundabout and awaited my chariot .It turned out to be a double decker but air con was a welcome addition to the humidity .I have safely negotiated the journey to chumphon and am now waiting for the boat to Koh Toa .
Yet again the boat was boring , but the view when the sun rose , fucking amazing ,got some piccys so see for yourself.
Met Neil on the quay and jumped on the bike for a ride to where I am staying.Wow for the month it is BH4000 less than £90 ,OK very basic and some where to put me clothes would be nice and so would a shower but will do me fine , went shopping for essentials - mossie net and hammock and had some fun with the hammock , but I didn`t get to put railway tracks together without learning a thing or two , not sure how long it will stay up for and just hope am not in it when it crashes to the floor. Had a ride up a few mountains on the back of Neils bike , 1st time on one in 20 odd years !!!!!
Will meet up again after Neil has done his work for the day for a beer and a sing song with his housemate who plays guitar at a local bar.
So am about to gain another phone number , buy some swimming shorts and decide how to keep clean.
Oh and FYI- it`s damn hot !!!!!!!!!!
Have always said `That in my life , the greatest obstacle I have ever faced , is not my shyness or the fact that I am MC4`s Awkward kid- but my total and somewhat harshly unfair timing`, it has haunted me like a far too friendly uncle ( which I never had).
And as for the hornets nest I could stick my dick into and really stir up that is face book watch this space am really going to open some doors that some people believe should be locked forever- like that over friendly uncle I never had.
And no establishment should be allowed to sell me chang lager at 6.4% for 70BH (£1.50) before 5 o clock in the afternoon..

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