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Friday, 17 December 2010

Google sucks as well.....wonder if its worked this time.

Oh what a tangled web we weave , when we first practice to deceive.
Well my first night out on the rock as it is called, lived up to expectation.
Cheap beer cheap food and raucous company.
Listened to and met Neil’s housemate tom he hates the smiths but sang about wanting us to stop him ooh ooh stop him if we heard this one before. But it was all good.
The ins and outs of the island are nothing compared to what the inhabitants get up to hilarious stories of who shagged who , who should of shagged who and who should of really thought about it more.
A scene in the restaurant was classic, an unnamed guy shags a bird from Holland on phi phi ,and invites over to Koh Toa,
She turns up 2 weeks later but he’s moved on emotionally and is now with another Dutch bird unfortunately for guy they are staying at same place and booked on same diving course, now it gets tricky
It seems they find out about each other, which is not that bad but there are 3 in each group so 6 students not doing their course will be a financial hit all round. Anyway we are eating with 3 of these girls and fuck me don`t the other three walk in, one makes a swift exit the other two are more defiant, seems the stupid prick even took them to the same eatery?????
Schoolboy error sunshine -if you want to make it in this life you can`t be fucking up like that.
Funny thing was the guilty party was not even there he has probably found another bird to get emotional with.
Now , this brings me nicely on to Neil, Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear. I know, I will play rock guitar hero and maybe it will go away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All in all a good night now just need to sort out phone situation and get myself sorted as late last night put a dampener on the situation.
But have woken up refreshed and revitalised for day ahead which will start off at café for breakfast and maybe give the trunks I brought a try- get them wet at least.
Last night met one of Neil’s mates , he got laptop out and showed us all some photos - 2 stayed with me
Bull sharks and box jellyfish- now here, if someone yells sharks 300 people grab their gear and try to find it………crazy that thing is a confirmed man eater. Turns out showing his photos is his best chat up line? Shit I thought I was crap with women.
So I went for a swim and noticed a strand of something turned out to be part of palm leaf , but Box jellyfish came into my mind I shat it and paddled like mad for the beach, that’s enough sea for me!!!Met up with Neil and ate at Korean BBQ - really cool get a mini bbq and whack the meat on around the outside is a trough to catch the juice and boil noodles and that pretty cool actually.Went back to the `Dark side` bar yeah I know am home ,pool and any music you want to listen to? Got thoroughly wankered, yep well and proper its that chang you know deadly. So awoke in my cave and the washing is still wet but the sun has come out and is now stunningly hot and am in a café waiting for greek pasta salad, oh, I have inherited 4 chickens they live under the cave and am not coming home unless I can have some, so am going to try to feed them, befriend them and then re-enact a scene from animal farm ,no not the one with Jim Belushi in it.101/5 sort it out belly.
Me and Bob becoming reacquainted its like I never went away.
All the best.


  1. baby come back !!!!! ur missed here lots!!! i know - lots of rain & more rain & loads more cant compete with chickens & paradise but u know where I am! Ur still the best thing xxxxxx

  2. does anyone read your posts?????