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Thursday, 9 December 2010

And as we pulled into Circular Quay,Ilooked at the place where me legs use to be....

Sorry no photo wifi shite , but it was of a flight Centre shop they are big here and it is a private joke

So the rain stopped and I crawled off back to the hostel with the vision of huge beds, room service ,saunas and steam rooms a distant memory ,will come back to haunt me when I get the bill- $30 for internet????????????
She who will be obeyed got in touch for a chat over coffee ,then more coffee then Guinness then vino tinto then its 01-00 and I am fucked up.
Anyway to cut a long storey short ended up at Caboolture slightly hung over, met up with Phil and his wife and had a drive up the coast. Hats off to Phil hes fighting the good fight and will, no doubt, despise the aussies till the day he moves back to England and some. Scenery is lovely but the fact that I am leaving Brisbane is beginning to sink in, the weathers shit ,the town is pants but its been a surprisingly good 2 weeks. Would mention the 2nd test but we all know the aussies are shite ,I ve said it ever since day 1, so whats the point of banging on about it ??? Will leave that shit to the aussies.
Ended up on train back to the city met up and said my goodbyes , funny ,2 months travelling and have gone days without speaking to anyone but barmaids, 1st time I felt alone was watching that taxi drive away!!!
Made way to airport and the Bergen has put on 4 kilos since leaving London, fat bastard. Got a bump onto an earlier flight so am leaving on the 12-00 instead of 15-00.Lets see if the fuckers lose my luggage again .Oh and no fucking wifi in the airport. Hope Sydney has some sun but have heard that its on the shitty side.
Well its sunny ., but not interested at the moment.
LOOK have I missed something??????????????????
This Julian Assange-right he gets giving leaks about the way the world - OUR FUCKING WORLD PEOPLE- is getting fucked over by various governments ,but mainly the U.S ,are just plainly taking the piss and he is now public enemy number 1 ?????What the fuck….this guy is a hero he should get the nobel.
Go back to sleep people your governments know whats best for you .go back to the TV and keep stupid,and let us rape the worlds assets and basically do what we want and get away with it.How can disclosing what our people are up to be classed as treason…security risk… when what they are doing is illegal in the first place.
Am not getting that much wifi so only picking up bits and pieces here ,but say it ain`t so Joe, say it ain`t so.Will rant more when I get more information, having unprotected sex a crime….? Fucking hell not clever and I know about this shit, but a crime that merits extradition Jesus OJ kills his wife and her lover and gets a TV program out of it, and we all know once Sweden gets this guy he will be on the 1st black ops jet outta there and across the pond to the good old US of A.
Any way had a wander up to hotel 5 minutes from station yeah in a F18 jet fighter, top fucking floor as well and no view but at least only 3 mins from the wharf / quay and 6 mins to circular quay by ferry. So had a walk around the rocks a few beers.Think its fair to say have been spoilt in Brisbane as found it rather tame and quiet, is great when the wind whistles through the streets and you get to see the look of panic on the girls faces, well the ones in dresses anyway. got ferry back at half 9 exchanging a flurry of texts on route and hit the pillow.
Woke up this morning for my `deluxe` breakfast….well the coffee was hot. Brisbanes weather has followed me here so is overcast and not exactly hot either.
Will just chill out today and hit the markets tomorrow, racing on Saturday with a bit of luck and follow up with a night on the piss.So until then…….
Raping mcdonalds wifi and its raining outside, now its stopped and the sun is out , should of put some lotion on........

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