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Monday, 6 December 2010

After taking what some would call ,a heroic dose

Brisbane city hall and in the background a rather nice hotel, room 1413 is very messy now.

So spent the morning watching the cricket and most of the afternoon as well, decided to do a Sherlock and find this pub I had been told about, a micro brewery called the international.
Using heightened powers of intelligence finally tracked it down via the yellow pages, to being less than half a mile away. So watched some more cricket there, the beer is only slightly better and seems to be a
Bastardisation of popular drinks you have a Belgian gold-german wheat beer-irish red and an aussie pilsner that must taste like crap it’s the only constant in this universe.!!!!
Exchanged a few texts with the lucky lady ( or unlucky depends if you know me or not).
While she was deciding on coffee or not, pre empted her and took a walk into town in case she did fancy a coffee got 2/3rds the way there and she didn’t , no point going back to hotel.
Went down the valley a bit early and got in the pub bout 6.40.
Pint of kirin $9.50, over £6 shit !!!!!!!!!
Boys turned up bout 7 and Bob was on a mission even Tom Cruise would have considered twice about taking. As I said before I like Bob and a knock back is just a sign that you are not trying hard enough.
Well Phil retired hurt, Ron was cleaned bowled and it just left the two tail enders me and Bob am afraid to say I spent more time texting than being Bobs wingman and as I went MIA he was flying solo.
But without sounding rude these girls aren’t slow coming forward and was relieved to hear that Bobs 40th birthday was a resounding success.
Woke up to a succession of texts from, I have not named her yet have I?
Weather was damp but felt I could make the station and get to the races without getting drenched and like with so many of lifes unimportant issues was an unbridled success, found the bar with cricket on and sat back and watched every Englishman’s dream, Cook and Trott despatching the convicts to all parts of the ground, not sure if aussies just crap or pontings gone mental , but why do they insist on putting the bowling where the batsman can play their favourite stroke ie the one they are best at ????????
Anyway 1st race and dipped my toes in the water with some forecasts and got the 1st and 3rd not bad at least in the right ballpark, did you know you can actually bet on that - any 2 in the first 3 these fuckers will bet on anything there’s even a book on the next A380 to fall out of the sky( not really)
Next race and the heavens open I mean you can not see the horses or fuck all, any way a green shirted jockey won , have to say I felt like the 13 year old who managed to shag his baby sitter after slipping her some Rohypnol when it turned out to be mine , $8 at 6.1 that’s $50 to me. Only when I realised that $8 is about a fiver that it hit me , shit that would have been a score back home.
At that time the little people decided it was to wet for them and they went on strike, due to the home turn being like a swimming pool and the big people duly abandoned the meeting.
No trains for 90 mins so spent winnings on taxi.
Picked up some food and wine and decided to stay in, another night at the Elephant and would of done a Bob. Spent the evening watching the highlights and a couple of films.
Am now getting ready for town and to find a nice hotel, the casino is favourite , 14 days in a single bed has ruined me , bouncy bouncy is no fun either.
Right , hotel sorted and have a willing accomplice so in hotel at 4 showered changed and off to a bar find a Belgian bar with all the liffe and hoe garden a man could wish for, unfortunately not this man who may have a long night in front of him and settled for a stella. So after a pan full of mussels and a bottle of white hit the casino and as usual not that good full of pokies and Asians done half the cash on blackjack and the other on roulette but an enjoyable 30 mins or so.
Took Michelle back to the hotel and once all the sharp/heavy objects had been safely hidden away ,allowed her to see the blog. It was a brave decision was half expecting to be decked out or walked out on ,suffice to say I wasn’t. She even typed a few words into what she believed was the comments box….
So after annoying the shit out of the cleaners by not vacating the room until 09-55 am sitting in star bucks waiting for the rain to stop.
Until then.

Sex between two people is a beautiful thing......its finding the right two people to get between thats difficult.

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