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Monday, 25 October 2010

a tale of two cities

It was the best of times ,it was the worst of times-well thats enough from Mr Dickens.

After the hustle and bustle of NYC Washington is like a different country.
Quiet,suburban hardly any hi rises not a lot of anything to be honest.
Took a trip to the gig to pick me ticket and not the nicest of areas thats for sure the first thing you see is an ethopian restaurant and two guys speaking arabic,salubrious is how I would descibe it, which also makes it a step or two up on the evolutionary scale compared to my hotel,however it is in the middle of a university campus .


  1. Oh and that painting is beleived to be by Peiter Bruigel, 300 years before Dali started using these images-think it is called st anthony so if you get a good copy of this and then check dali's version you will see what i mean

  2. Oh and have also seen my first ever cockroach not pretty