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Sunday, 24 October 2010

I'm sitting in a railway station..........

Well this is the place where small breasted ladies live, and some very mediocre bands play.
However last nights really excelled themselves 3 shows and even a Nirvana cover.
Also San Fran won the baseball play off which didn't seem to go down to well, yes,I had a little chuckle.
back to the band having a lead singer mingling with the crowd and getting them to sing the lyrics sounds like a game show to me , and if he had of asked me to sing god knows what would of come out,probably no I'm not circumsized and what the fucks it got to do with you anyway.
Have to say I did leave there slightly worse for wear and woke up with a cold cup of coffee next to me ,beats cockroaches i suppose.Watched the footy yesterday morning ,something surreal about drinking coffee in a pub at 10am and watching premier league on TV,so glad i went to the Guggenheim instead of watching west ham
So am now waiting for the train to Washington - trust me to pick the weekend when they are shutting down 90% of the network for 'essential repairs' apparently doing the same next week and the New York marathon is on.Sounds like someone elses planning principle to me, oh the irony.

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