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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Still just don't get baseball

Spent a pleasant afternoon with absolut and a certain Sam Adams(am in love again),unfortunatly the soccer was shit the mancs were that bad i was cheering on the rag heads.

And now the bloody baseball- it just don't make sense hit the fucking thing and run sounds so simple ,like you eat and therefore sooner or later will need a shit.but no there are all these permulations leave that duck this swing and miss while never really trying in the first place o and don't forget to spit frequently.

NYY are 3 - 1 down and need to win the last 3 games to go to world seris, and theres me singing- there here there there there every fucking where - empty seats empty seats - $110 for a game ticket.

FYI today am going a wandering up to central park to see how long it takes - Am I not the last of the international playboys- and yes am seeing sam adams tonight.

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